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Not a Normal Girl (entry for avery01's back story contest of Hero High)

Novel By: writing geniuses

J.J, the not so normal girl with strange freaky sparks erupting often from her fingernails, might not be so cool but she sure is special. What do you say?
*entry for back story contest by avery01 of hero high) View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 26, 2011    Reads: 30    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   


I looked up at my dad.

Okay, I might not be someone you'd call "normal" but come on! I wasn't really officially nuts! (Special, more like it, at least that's what my mother used to tell me and I do prefer the term instead of crack- head)

"Dad….I AM normal", I said, emphasizing hard on AM.

"Yes, Jessica darling, I know, but you are…not like….you know, normal kids", he said concernedly as I gave a big groan.

Yeah, normal but not like normal.

So similar, huh?

"So what d'you wanna do? Put me in an insane asylum or something?" I shrieked.

"Calm down, sweety, calm down", he said, looking a bit disoriented at my sudden shouting. I tried to soothe myself. He was my dad, right? (I hope so, you never know he might turn out step-father the way he's saying not-normal-kids) so, he would want to do what's best for me, don't you think?

"Dad…..I am normal, it's just that…..I'm a bit….weird", I confessed sadly looking at the small sparks erupting out of my finger nails and hiding my hands behind my back.

"That's exactly why you should change schools", he replied enthusiastically, peering over his big glasses. "As soon as I find a suitable one…"

"Fine with me, throw me away, it's just as good", I muttered sourly as I jumped upstairs to my room.

Half an hour heart felt talk with my father (blood related, I hope) and all it comes out to is that I'm a dinder head, all the same?

I'd have preferred a go over my guitar for my newly made song, I thought as I tucked my guitar off the wall of my room and gave it a little strum with my fingers. The sound was soothing. Feeling a little less emotional, I put it back on my wall, hoping I knew what I felt like. *sighs*

My room exactly shows what kind of person lives in it, I may be 14 years old but this room is my life, I mean, seriously, man!

It has fully painted black walls with blue little bows all over it and yellow decorative articles. Don't get me wrong, but yellow happens to be my favourite colour! It's like I'm wired for this color (uh oh, I just remembered not everything's wired), it does speak to me! Not really say something but when I look at it, I feel like "oh, this is so like me" and where do I go wrong?

I am bright, unusual and snappy (sometimes) just like yellow colour. I might blind you with my sudden outburst at something or impress you with my gentle side. Over and all, it's me.

Anyway, I thought, how good it would be if people were wired too? The first thing I'd do was gonna be take the main wire off Loretta….dude she needs it!

She hates me, but that's not really unexpected since she's wired like that. Maybe.

The only thing that I really love in this house (maybe not a thing) is a happy little creature named "Alice".

Okay, I'm kidding, indeed she is a human being and a child of Loretta (you bet it's a lie).

But she's my best friend. More like soul sister.

Feeling like punching Loretta in face for nothing and carving for nothing more than a good song, I picked up a remote.

Before, I'd even looked at it, the TV. went on all by itself and a voice filled the air.

It was saying

"I'm no beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me! Na na na na" as the pretty actress moved, lipsing all along the road with the song , her hair waving in the air.

I sighed. See? That's what I mean.

I'm NOT normal.


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