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Deadly Games

Novel By: writinglover

Exiled several years ago for treason, The Golden Queen, a sorceress, will stop at nothing to destroy Xeron. She has been cursed by a sorcerer who is trying to help the situation. It cost him his life and the lives of an entire city. Now there is another solution, but it will depend on four young people.
Four misfit teens are transported to a secret location in the land of Xeron, where they meet Paradox, their mentor. He explains the deadly games they must play, in order to overthrow the Golden Queen. They must work together, and it will be the adventure of a lifetime... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 18, 2011    Reads: 55    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Kevin and Jimmy Donner had been on several assignments, including a trip to the Earth's core and Jupiter. They had been successful more times than not and thoroughly enjoyed their jobs. However, nothing could prepare them for this assignment.


"What do you have for us, boss?" Kevin Donner grinned at their supervisor, excited. They had not been out in the field in a while, and both brothers were restless.

Mike Bergan did not return his enthusiasm. "A problem has come up that needs attention. I received word from my contacts on Xeron, and they need agents. The two of you will be perfect for the job."

Kevin glanced at his older brother, who shrugged. "What kind of mission is it...and where is Xeron? I've never heard of it."

Bergan shook his head. "You wouldn't have. It's in a different realm, and is completely different from anywhere you have been before."

"Cool," Jimmy grinned. "I think I like that."

Bergan frowned. "You may not, once I finish explaining. The situation is dangerous."

Jimmy's grin disappeared, and he became serious. "What's the situation?"

Bergan shuffled through some papers on his desk, then pulled out a picture. "This is. Here's your target." He pulled out a picture a beautiful woman with curly, dark blond hair, wearing a lace dress. She was crouched down over a crystal orb, fanning it, accompanied by a crow and a black cat, who was watching intently.

Jimmy let a low whistle out. "I can see why she's dangerous, with a face and body like that."

Kevin glanced at her face briefly, rolling his eyes. Sometimes he wondered who the older brother really was. "Who is she, and what is she doing?"

Bergan offered a tight smile, sighing. "She is a sorceress. We sent an agent in to keep an eye on her, last year, and have not seen him since. I think she may have found him out and disposed of him. That is why I am sending the two of you in. She is originally from Xeron, as one of their rulers, but tried to kill the chief ruler. She denied the claim, but was exiled, anyway. She has been holding a grudge since then, and they stopped one of her attacks ten years ago, at the cost a good sorcerer and an entire city. The officials had been trying to stop her from destroying more cities, and one of their own sorcerers put a curse on her. She cannot do anything to the land now, unless she has these..." He brought out another picture, this time of four orbs.

"What are those?" Jimmy looked even more confused than he had been in the first place.

"If you're in, let me explain," Bergan looked at both brothers, who nodded.

"We're in," they spoke at the same time.

Bergan nodded. "Good. Now, let me tell you all about these quests, and the participants..."


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