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(I need some advice, please read and tell me whether I should continue with this or do something else...)

'My last thought was...'here come the dreams'...'
If you're whole world revolved around whether you were going to die, what would you do? If someone told you that eternity was what awaited you but that only such an event could occurre if you didn't get caught up in the web that bound humanity and as a consequence, love...what would you say? Mik has no idea either...which is why his is such an abnormally interesting story to tell.
And the dreams, never, ever forget those dreams...
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Hell, is my home. My one and only home and there are a few things you may need to grasp about it before I tell you my story.
With the knowledge that we live on the cons of life rather than the pros and are only concerned about the cons, as the pros, in our eyes, are infact the cons and that we also concern the pros to be cons it is more than complicated and much more than a little confusing. But, you must remeber, the only aspect of the cons which we do not consider a pro is death. The place where there is nothing else for us, nothing left worth saving of us. Of course I knew from the very day I was born being an incarnate of the devil would never be easy. There are many parts of 'Mr D' as I call Him or 'Big Danny Boy' as Gaz does. Each part is represented by an incarnate, though there are millions of incarnates. Millions of us. On the night of which humans may consider as Halloween, which we know as temet nosce conventus which is latin for know thyself and come together, is the night when we doexactly that...come together. Join as one. Become what we were born from and were born to be.
The Devil.
The incarnates - and that is including me in this equation, as of course I am one - never live forever. The alarming fact is though, we could! There is one little piece to that authentic puzzel, one missing number to the equation, one minute, innocent, completely irrelevant yet completely relevant word which fits within the sentence of our forever. Our lives. Our eternity.
The beings who speak the truth of, and within, lies, Hate to love but Love to Hate, kill to live but live to kill. Like North and South, two opposites which attract in the most contradicting ways and situations. You still manage to bring us down whenever you are and even when you are not down yourself. Your lives, so undeniably complex yet so easily desiphered.
How do you do it? How do you live so innocently? How can you end our lives when we could have lived forever? Why do you kill us for falling for you?
Chapter 1 - Mik
I could never understand or properly recall the reason why my whole life revolved around whether I was about to die. I could never understand why anyone would give up all this just to be with an insignificant human, though, apparently this was how it began. When you begin to consider a life with one of them or more relevantly without. I let the wind wip the short, shaggy, black cut of my hair. Running my fingers through it my mind began to wonder away from the gleaming white balcony I was looking out from. I gazed thoughtlessly to begin with, out at the grass-less field. I watched the occasional flame rising from the dusty, deserted ground, a humid gust of wind then blowing it out again and that was the only sign of any life here. I would never wish to be anywhere else though. This was my place. My home. My only home.
My thoughts began to build a picture in my head as if I was remembering a memory I had never experienced. The more my mind drifted away from the scene my eyes were watching to the one in my mind the more my mind fell out of focus, the more I began to sway dizzily. The scene from my eyes and the one from my mind clashing like the sea to the side of a cliff both attempting to overpower eachother. Both of them trying to show me something the other didn't want me to see. For a second it felt like they were working together, as if they were comparing the two scenes in my head and trying to show me something between them. Comparing the impossible. Hell and Earth.
In my head I was in a town, an old town, an old medival town. It was night time. The musty air was thick and humid and stuck in my lungs. I felt so out of place. My eyes then took over and I was looking from my balcony once again. The bright full moon and the smoky air. The crackling flames and breathing in the dust so vigorously, suddenly out of breath, that I almost choked. It all became to much, though, then. The flashing between those two scenes became quicker and quicker until it was only flickering and everything around me became so blurry and I panicked. Completely helpless. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't hold on.
Just before my head collided with the putifying wooden boards, which, I had spent so long wondering what I would find if I looked out from them, I glimpsed something as if I was seeing a vision of the future but that could never happen my future wasn't fixed, I never knew what was to come. I glimpsed a face, a girl the most beautiful I had ever seen. Her thick golden locks, her high cheek bones, full, scarlet lips turning up in a half smile as if she saw me too and her eyes as black, as consuming, as hypnotising, as beautiful as the midnight sky. So dark you could barely see the pupils. They twinkled knowingly like the stars, as if she understood something I didn't. This one girl who would now forever be engraved into a part of my brain of which no one in this eternity could have touched but her (what the hell?) and even though I'd only seen that one image it felt as if I had known her my whole life. Strange. Perfectly Mysterious.
Her midnight eyes.
My midnight girl.
It took me a while to gain full consciousness. My head spun, still aching from the blow. The occurrences and memories of yesterday flooded back to me; a tidal wave of thoughts which had been completely wiped from my mind crashing into me; many pieces of a dismally complex puzzle fitting back into their rightful places. I gazed up at the full moon, the soothing, deep howl of wolves and the screeching cry of the werewolves; their distinct calling so similar yet so very different. In the blissful distance, a crackling and spitting of open flames (so stereotypical). The sounds of hell.
I tried everything to forget that girl's beauty, tried to remember every intrepid moment that had brought out my hidden emotions which no other times could have. My Nanna closing her eyes for the final time and her body going limp in my arms; the sweet, exhilirating pain of being drowned in fire; the shot of heat of my first joining, my first ever temet nosce conventus, but nothing could push it away. Nothing. I could not understand why I would want to forget her though. Her beauty was incredible. The best way to describe it would be hypnotising. Hypnotising? That was why. I was scared because I knew what was happening to me. My life was coming to an end.
I needed protection (No not like that. And, yes. We do know about the world of that sort of stuff...)
"The amulet", I whispered to myself. I had never had to use it before. Nanna had always said to keep it a secret between us and to never come in contact with it unless absolutely neccessary. But now it was absolutely and utterly neccessary. I hurried back inside my room tripping over something invisible as I trekked over towards the glowing violet light. Just as my eyes had ajusted to the darkness they had to re-ajust as when I approached, the light began to blaze blindingly bright. It knew I was going to finally use it. I don't know how, but it did. I had to look away from it. Not so much because of the light but it's aura that, that light gave off. Too good. Too much good was involved with it. Nanna had warned me and I had never forgotten.
I staggered towards the well, of which held the amulet. The well, which sits precisely to the north of the room and held that of my most sacred belongings. Many minor, frivolous humans considered an amulet a defence against evil, though what they do not seem to consider is that it might be the complete opposite. Stupid. As they are so foolish to believe so they don't know or seem to understand that actually, it's more of an invitation to evil. They're allowing darkness an open passage to their soul. All the better for us. That never seems to frighten you does it? Never seems to drive you away. Infact the complete opposite! As if you enjoy the pain and torture. As if you are closer to our kind more than we once believed. My mind skittered away from the thought almost instantly. I would never consider that again.
Though what it held was over-flowing with impulsive power the well itself was not spectacular, but there was no doubt that it was ancient. It's bricks were chipped and mouldy; the metal, framing the inner circle was brown and rusted; even the wood of the frame - which I thought must once have held a wooden bucket - didn't look as if it could hold much longer and yet all the while it gave off such a mysterious aura. So incredible. Even though I could detect it's ancient darkness and though I had lived with it sat in my room my whole lifetime; it somehow was able to still guide me towards it. As an incarnate of evil itself I knew for as long as I exised I would be drawn to any kind of power. It's how we eventually perish, through being allowed too much of it.
Once in arms reach, I caught myself on the cold stone, incapable of holding myself up any longer.
"Hell. Am I just gonna, perish now or something?" I mumbled - evidently confused about what I was suppose to do next - probably I would.
The blinding purple glow, from what I presumed was the crystal engraved into the centre of the circular amulet, dimmed ever so slightly the closer I came. As if it could sense that I was bearly hanging on and that the light was just killing me even more.
I let my hand sink below the surface of the warm water, leaning further and further in. Reaching for it. Almost yearning for it for some odd reason. As my fingertips found it's warm, almost pulsing surface, a surge of electricity shot up my arm and straight to my head making me even more disorientated than I was. The room pitched and rolled around me; my stomach churned. Once again catching myself on the cool stone of the well, I pulled myself up and without letting go of it once lifted the blazing amulet from within the depths of the black water where it came from. Releasing from it's emtombing bed for the first time in eternity.
I stood there, like that. Staring at ancient power personified sitting innocently in my left hand palm and leaning against the well with my right. The longer I stared the more I began to see. The more I began to feel.
Surrounding the purple diamond were ancient symbols printed onto the gold plate, proof that there was far more to it's radiant beauty than meets the eye. I could feel it's pulse; a living heart beating in harmony with mine as if I were born to possess it and it were made for me too. The chain of which it hung from was slender and just as golden as the amulet itself. Probably holding the same amount of carrots (looks can be decieving!) I was too frightened to hold it by the neclace incase it snapped. I did not look as if it could hold the weight that hung from it so i let that chain flow between my finger instead almost like liquid gold. It felt like silk.
Letting go of what had been holding me up, the well, I un-hooked the chain so that I held each end with forefinger and thumb of each hand. Then clipped it back together behind my neck. It didn't feel weird to be wearing a neclace considering I was a guy! I shivered with delight then took one look at my reflection in the now misty waters of the bold structure where this neclace was placed at it's birth. I could not see alot as the more I looked into it, the cloudier the water became. I felt somewhat guilty for taking it as if I was taking away something special that wasn't mine to take. Like taking sweets from a baby. I stared at my face briefly. I could just make out that my hair hadn't changed but my scarlet eyes seemed to blaze much more than usual. Just my imagination. Isn't it?
Enough. I'd had enough by then. All my energy drained and my sanity disintigrating fast I dragged my feet towards my bed. Clambering on to it, I gave into the desperate pulling of the sub-conscious state, peace.
It would have been just sleep if it wasn't for her face which lingered infront of my closed eyelids and Changed everything.


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