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When Worlds Collide: Hidden

Novel By: Xion

My thoughts rummaged wildly though my mind as I sank into the deep, cold water my mother threw me into. The powerful waterfall beat down on the water above my head, I could feel myself sinking deeper into the water. I gasped for breath that would not come. I though to myself as the last of my breath disappeared from my lungs. "Why would my mother push me into the water. What have I done wrong. What kind of punishment is this, after all I'm only eight years old". Ten years have passed since that horrible day, my memory after my last few thoughts are all but gone. I now live in an underground forest hidden under the waterfall. I built a home and learned the mysterious creatures in the forest. Some of the creatures are kind and gentle, but most are fierce and merciless, willing to kill the smallest of animals. The past two winters were hard, the ice would freeze the entrance to the forest and I could barely survive. I grew a reputation from the neighboring villages, known as the Rogue, I was known to steal stuff right before winter and disappear in the small park forest. When the environment was harsh, or my supplies were low I would have to steal to survive. Each time I stole they would try to find me, but I learned the skills to blend into the environment. I usually stole at night, the best time of the day for blending in, but rarely going during the day. As I slept my dreams would warn me of the future. They used to happen occasionally, but now they warn me every time I shut my eyes. The dream always told of a great battle between two races that live with the humans that would determine the existence of the world. Somehow I was inert-winded with the fate of the two clans, and I would decide weather they deserved to live or die. View table of contents...


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Chapter Seventeen

Nothing could be done for Ulrie, Tamaska, and Marrok, they were already gone. Fang stood in front of the three fallen wolves, they had laid the wolves beside each other. Those alive stood in their human form, their heads low as they mourned the dead. Fang knelt down and gently closed Ulrie, Tamaska, and Marrok's eyes, he took several steps back to the other wolves. He bowed one last time then turned to Sam's limp body that leaned up against a tree. They hadn't moved or touched her, they knew she was alive so the dead were to be taken care of first. His blood boiled as he stepped over the blood and pieces of the female assassin. He could no longer recognize the assassin as ever being human. He slightly shivered as his feet stepped into a pool of blood and guts. Shaking the nerving feeling he stopped in front of Sam's limp body. The others watched intensely from where they stood. Sam's eyes were closed, her breathing slow and silent, she actually seemed peaceful. Fang gazed at a drop of blood on her cheek, he knew it wasn't hers, the blood belonged to the dead assassin. He grunted and used his thumb to wipe away the blood. Fang's pupils widened and he collapsed onto the bloody grass once he touched her. Weylyn rushed to his side but once he touched Fang, he too collapsed. Whatever it was jumped to the other wolves as each one collapsed to the ground. Darkness swept across Fang's mind, he could feel something come from the darkness. Fuzzy images emerged, perhaps a dream, or maybe some memories. He finally focused on the images, he watched it as if it were a movie. He could see himself, his wolf form, standing in a dark wooded forest with trees that rose high up. Ferns and tall grass covered the entire area, his wolf form smiled as it stared out into the distance. Fang watched as something blurry ran straight to his wolf form. The blurry thing ran straight into him. A young girl held the fur around his shoulders. The young girl smiled,

"How was that Fang?"

He smiled and licked the girl's cheek,

"Much better. You're getting better every time you use it."

The girl excitedly rubbed her face into his fur,

"What other powers do I have?"

He gently shook his head,

"I don't know. You have to figure them out for yourself."

The girl's eyes saddened,

"You will have to go soon won't you...?"

He paused then slowly nodded his head,

"Yes. But I will be leaving in order to protect you."

The image faded into the darkness. Botlof nervously watched the images in his mind. Blood, the blood of his younger sister. Fillin who was just a pup cowered under his chest as they watched their sister slowly die. Their parents were long dead, Botlof had to pull his shit together to take care of his younger sister and brother but their past had finally caught up with them. Him and Fillin were well hidden among the brush of thick vegetation, they could only watch as a Otemaga slowly tortured their sister. With each question he asked of the hidden family she would remain silent and occasionally spit in his face, he would in return cut off one of her paws. She no longer had any paws, she didn't even have a tail anymore. They both watched their sister's torture for several more minutes, until she finally died of her wounds.

Randal could see a bright light luminate in his mind. Beyond the light he could see his childhood, a loving mother and strict father, both of which didn't have any abilities. His mother always took his father's side, she couldn't help it though she was frightened of him and what he might do. One day his father caught him in the middle of his transformation, out of pure fear he threw his hatchet at him. The hatchet had left a permanent scar on his forehead, the fur around the scar had turned a grey and would forever stand out. The bone around his scar was weakened from the blow and now he always fears someone striking a blow on his forehead that would accidentally kill him. He left his home, even with fresh blood dripping from his forehead his mother still didn't take his side or even stand up for him.

Weylyn never thought something such as this would happen to him, that he would die for standing up to a bunch of bullies picking on some kids around the age of eleven. He himself being ten and a pacifist, his hair was a dark brown. He didn't try to fight them off. A couple that were walking by had called an ambulance after he was beaten up. While at the hospital he was pronounce dead for ten minutes before being revived. He woke up with pure white hair several hours later.

Rollo watched part of his past flood his mind. He could see his mate from several years ago, she was dark brown with black on her face and back. Their son stood beside her, he was grey with a dark brown tail and head, his shoulder had splashes of black and dark grey. Grief had consumed them both when their son died of unknown causes. Slowly they began to spit apart until she all together left him. After years of grief he found out only a few months ago of her passing due to depression.

Skoll was the last of his family, the last of his line. He had lost all of his family while he was a pup. His family wiped out by a Otemaga. His two sisters were the first to go, slowly tortured, then his parents. Skoll had watched his family get gutted while still alive by that Otemaga, then used their intestines to choke them to death. Skoll survived only cause of his mother's quick thinking in hiding him, she had completely covered him with mud and he hid in a rabbit hole only a few feet away from his family. After his family died he crawled out of the rabbit hole and stayed with his family's bodies for several days. Until he finally got up and left, never looking back.

A warm sensation swept across Ukiatea, her body felt light. Her past swept across her mind. All of her family was gone, all except her step father. A cold hearted bastard who sexually abused her at a young age, the abuse went on for several years. No one came for her, no one knew she was even there. One night she felt something stir within her mind, that night when he came for her like usual she snapped. She had had enough of him, within minutes after a violent struggle she silently left without a word. In the room his body remained to this day. She felt happy at the thoughts of his decaying body, his snapped neck that was almost completely severed. No one would ever find his decaying body, and never would she allow anyone to take advantage of her ever again. If anyone ever touched her in such a way, they would not live another day.

A bright light flooded Wselfwulf's mind, he remembered his a life time of depression. He was the oldest of three, the second oldest was his sister Ulrie, then his younger brother Tibet. Wselfwulf was nearly sixteen when their parents abandoned them, Ulrie was ten, and Tibet was seven. After living on the streets for a year a elderly couple invited them into their home. He was gone during the day, taking whatever work he could find, then coming home at night to support his siblings. One unusually silent night a robber broke into their home and killed the elderly couple before going into the room with the siblings. Wselfwulf was shot several times in the chest but he was able to get his sister and brother out of the house without any wounds. He collapsed after they were out of any harm, the only thing that saved him was his sister and brother who quickly stopped the bleeding in his chest.

Tibet's memory flourished. Not long after the home invasion him, Ulrie, and Wselfwulf had split up for a while in order to find some work. Tibet became a body guard. He didn't know what his brother and sister were doing but the pay was good. Tibet's client however didn't know that a Aritils assassin was going after him. Tibet protected his client, the scars across his body are the proof.

Wildflowers and buffalo grass were bent sideways in the form of a slender path that led to the bloody ground of the dead assassin, the three dead wolves, the sleeping Spirit Moon, and nine wolves limp against the ground. A man stood over the limp wolves, he raised an eye brow as if trying to determine what had happened. The man wore a long dark purple robe that stopped at his knees, he rubbed his short black hair for a moment.

"They were right... the Spirit Moon was being difficult. They will have to thank me for coming once they wake up."

The man slowly shook his head,

"There's not enough time to allow them to take a nap..."

The man slowly walked over to Fang's limp body.


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