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Death Angels (Chapter 1)

Novel By: xxKeyToMyHeartxx

Pg13 for violence and language. View table of contents...



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I ran as swiftly as my legs could carry me, wishing i could go faster. After I stumbled upon what happened to the other girl, the beast turned on me. Flash backs played in my head as i rewatched the monster grab the girl by the throat and pull out. . .something. My heart was racing fast in my ears. The footsteps grew heavier behind me, gaining speed. My legs felt like jelly and were ready to give.

The only light i possessed was the dull flicker of a near by street light. Something wrapped around my ankles, hard and tight. I screamed but one of the somethings snaked down my throat. I felt my legs lift off the ground and realized i was going to die. As my legs dangled above the alleyway i was forced to look up into the beast's face. I was shocked to see crimson red eyes buring through me, they filled me with fear and i wanted to run. Below the eyes was what looked like a mummy. Wrapped in white cloth, a hole for the mouth. It's long tongue replaced the somehting in my throat. They were vines! What the hell was happening?

Vines twisted all around my body and i tried to kick them off. They tightened. A thorn sticking into my side, one in my left arm, and one sticking right into my chest bone. I gasped as my blood swallowed the vine in a black sticky ribbon. The tongue went deeper into my body. It pulled out something. The orb was neon blue and casted shadows across me and i realized that orb came from my body. The last thought i ever had was; That's my soul.


I watched my eyes roll back into my head, the monster's tongue wrapped around the blue orb and brought it close to his throat with a movement that wasn't human.I watched from above, a jealous shadow. That body didn't belong to me anymore, It didn't look like me. I felt cold and barren, without a purpose. I slowly felt my feet lift off the ground but it wasn't like when the monster picked me up, Warmth filled my body and i felt the wounds on my close up, bliss.

It all went away in faster then it came. I felt myself being tugged forward, i looked down at the monster He was still eating me.Bastard. Suddenly,my surroundings changed. I was no longer in that hell-hole. Instead, i was in a dark grey tunnel on my knees. and slowly got up and dizzy ness rushed to my head followed by a voice.

"Follow the tunnel Willow," the voice was hoarse and deep, male "It's the only way out of here." I was scared of the voice and decided not to listen to it. I slammed my flank against tunnel wall with all my weight. The voice came back as i was trying a second time to get free. "Willow listen to me, you'll need to listen to me if you want to get through your mission."He voice seethed with again and laced with restraint. What mission? My head was spinning and the more i slammed against the more my shoulder hurt. I sighed with frustration and walked my way down the tunnel. The deeper i got, the less light i had. I dragged my hand across the smooth, hard surface for guidance. The tunnel finally stopped without a warning and i tripped into a dark field where there was tall that tickled the tips of my fingertips when i brushed them as i walked by. I relaxed my clothes changed. When i stumbled across the monster i was on my way to a night club and decided to go all out in glitter, 4 inch heels, with my black hair in ringlets, and a mini black slinky dress. Now i was in a pair of black skinny jeans,black knee high high tops, my hair was straightened and a too-tight white tank that if i moved the right way showed off my hips. That wasn't the only thing that changed.

On my left hip was a tattoo of a small beautifully drawn angel wing. My hips where skinnier, and my breasts grew from my original size, to a bigger size. My lip stung and i reached up to touch the edges of my lips. Two hoops where resting on each side of my lip. Piercings. Oh my god. Everything was processing through my mind and i waited for it to sink deep into my brain. I thought i was going to pass out.

I saw a shadowey figure come towards me. I backed up but to my luck, there's a wall. Great. I was going to die for a second time tonight.


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