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Chant'n Budokai

Novel By: XxmimixX

For thousands of years, there have been conflicts and wars in the Planet "Naru" for humanity reasons (money, religion, etc.). On this planet, there are five countries (or continents ). The Shinigami king has been in the center of all of these conflicts because he wants to get rid of the 'sages' (in this case, a religious warrior in a country that protects their god and country) of the planet. But the only person who can stop this from happening is the last remaining sage (from the most powerful country "Rhea") who is supposedly the most powerful of them all. And the only way for the sage to survive this is through the Sage Guardian who protects the sage from harms way and make the sage powerful. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 18, 2009    Reads: 188    Comments: 5    Likes: 0   

Hello, how are you doing today readers? My name is Pierre and I'm the palace butler. These next few pages or so is just a basic conversation between our favorite sage Rachel & her husband. I won't be talking a lot throughout the story because well, I'm not the narrator. Now, I will let you go now readers but beware, these two people like to talk dirty to one another:
"Say, I would like to ask you a question."
"What is it Ray?"
"I'm not Ray! Say my name right. It's Rachel, not RAY!" Rachel slaps her husband on the head.
"Oww! What now?"
"When are we going to get our feelings on again? It's been a week since we actually did it."
"What? We're married so what's the problem? Oh I get it. When we're sitting on our lazy butts on our thrones, we can't talk about adult things?" Rachel touches her husband's chest in an inappropriate way.
"Stop touching me you creep."
"Why can't I?" I'm not wearing your favorite outfit anymore or something?"
"You mean the one that my big sister's clothing company made for you?"
"Yes babe. That's the one." She kisses her husband's neck softly that left her husband really speechless & excited. She's trying to get him in the mood, but failed miserably.
"Okay, it would have to take you a long time before I'm in the mood again."
"So it was because I'm not wearing your favorite outfit."
"Well, you haven't worn it in like six years and I'm currently not happy."
Rachel stops touching her husband's chest. Instead, she placed her right hand on top of his left shoulder. She sighed.
"Babe, you didn't like it because my legs were too revealing and every time I leaned on the tables (during a meeting with my officials or dinner time), the outfit shows my cleavages."
"Well now, I kind of miss it. Later, will you wear it tonight?" Her husband looked at her with puppy eyes and frowned like a begging fie year asking his mom to get a toy.
Rachel smiled gracefully.
"I guess so but if it gets ruined, it will be your fault."
Her husband's voice gets stern and serious.
"Like I actually could give a damn. We're married, rich, young, beautiful and more importantly, we have a child together."
"Technically, she's not yours but you can claim her as your own if you want."
Her husband takes a deep breath.
"I guess."
"Well, I'm gonna go outside for a while. Call me in when dinner's ready."
"I thought Pierre was supposed to do that job."
"He's on his vacation in the mountains by Ares."
"That's right. He used to be a servant over there before you officially hired him as your own."
"Actually, I didn't officially hire him. Someone else that I once knew did before you came back into my life six years ago."
"Oh that's right." The two of them frowned and they were silence for a few minutes.
"Sorry for your lost, even though it was technically my fault that it happened."
"Not really, but that's okay. It wasn't in your attention anyway for that to happen. Well, let's stop talking about this; I'll see you later sexy."
Rachel kisses her husband and walks gracefully outside. She actually felt sad about what happened to my previous master six years ago. It is hard to forget but what can I say? I'm a butler now after all.
Her current feelings at the moment were happiness. She was happy that her husband (who will I keep anonymous for now) is going to well, finally do it with her again. For madam, she has been through a lot and for twelve years, she's been fighting her way as an Empress. She's currently been stress out since the defeat of the Shinigami King and saving her daughters life from trying to be married to one of the most evil people in the entire world.
Don't worry, there have been good times throughout these twelve years and they've changed her life. By the way readers, let's check on our Empress to see how she's doing. After I finish talking to you guys, I will have the story continue on to her care. She'll try her best to explain what exactly happened to her.


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