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Is there really an underworld?

Novel By: XxmimixX

Ruth was just an ordinary five year old child living in the country with her big sister, mother, and her mysterious Beagle name Casey in their apartment. One day, one of her classmates Chad has brought home a new dog to the apartment complex that he and his two other siblings have been living in. A rumor has it across town that the dog could've been an actual demon princess from the underworld and kills people who harms its owner. The other rumor is that it could've been a "prince" who protected the fairies of.... Utopia? Are these rumors true? View table of contents...


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Mysterious character

Oh god help me. I feel really weird and uncomfortable. Where's my mommy.... Lizzy... anyone? Why does a five year old have such a nightmare? Why do I have to suffer like this? Is this really a dream? Do these things really want to kill me or eat me up in my sleep? Please, wake up! Wake up!!!!!

It was the first day of kindergarten, something I was really looking forward to. I was going to meet new people, new faces, and new friends, well new of everything. I was getting all dirty with my new blue dress that my big sister bought me for the first day of school. The reason was because I was playing tag with my dog Casey in front of our apartment. My mom would kill me if she saw me like this but I didn't care. Kindergarten for a five year old was an adventure.

My big sister Lizzy was reading her stupid teenage magazine and sneakily smoked a couple of cigarettes in her room. Mommy never knew she was smoking because she was always telling her that she was lighting candles and they just smelled bad. Her dyed orange hair was always curly and messy and her clothes were always too Goth which mommy disapproves. I don't know why mommy didn't say anything about this dress though since it was kind of Goth but I think mommy loves me more. Maybe that's why big sister smokes cigarettes.

Mommy was packing my lunch for me in the little kitchen that we always go to for family discussions. She placed Onigiri with Oyster sauce in my lunch, an Orange for the sweetness, and a bottle of water to keep the Onigiri cool. I've always loved moms Onigiris because the rice is usually fresh and the oyster sauce was perfect to the core. See, my mom is fifty percent Japanese and fifty percent American so that's why she gives me Onigiri with my lunch. My big sister hates it when she packs it up but mommy didn't care because she's trying to make her little Ruth happy.

Casey and I were looking at one another because we were so dirty. His little hat that big sister bought him was dirty from the dirt and his green collar was dirty as well. I guess that happens after the rain but we didn't care. We love each other very much.

"Man Casey-chan, we look like a wreck. What do you think mommy will say?" I said trying to clean up my precious mysterious beagle.

He barked with a reply. "Ruff Ruff!"

"You don't know Casey-chan? For a doggy, you are not smart."

A door opens behind us. Mommy came out of the door yelling at Casey and me.

"Ruth and Casey! Look at you two. You guys look like a wreck." Mommy came up to me.

"Honey, come inside with me and let's change your clothes."

"I don't want to. I like this dress because Lizzy-onecchan gave me this." I slapped my moms arm and she backed up.

"Ruth Williams, get inside right now. Don't you dare slap me again!" Mommy placed her hands on her hips.

"Sorry okaa-san. I will never do that again." I replied with a sad look on my face. My purple eyes and dark brown hair were flowing in the wind. It was getting chilly and things felt weird. I guess rain was coming and so that's why I was getting those feelings.

"That's okay sweetie. Let's just go inside because I can feel the rain coming." Mommy took a hold of my little hands and walked me inside. Mommy's long jet black hair was flowing in the wind as well. Her plain polyester dress was flowing in the wind like a queen which gave my mommy a pretty glow. The only problem is that I wish my daddy would come home soon from his trip in London to see Mommy and everyone else growing up so beautifully.

We went inside the building and entered into the golden brown lobby. The teller told my mommy her last and first name which was 'Williams, Hitomi' and gave her the keys to the apartment. We enter inside the elevator, which was made out of gold like the rest of the building, and push the buttons to our floor.

"Ruth, do you want to press the buttons."

I nodded with a cheerful face. I pressed the second floor button and we went up up up! We got out of the elevator and walked down the hallway in front of us. All of the sudden, we heard a bunch of ladies in one of the apartments. On that previous week, new neighbours moved on our floor and they were getting really popular. We continued down the hallway and turned to our left to see the apartment that was making noises.

"Okaa-san, what's going on?" I said.

"Seems like the new neighbours got something in their new apartment. Let's check it out."

Mommy, Casey and I opened the new apartment door 211. Like we heard down the hall, a bunch of ladies in their mid 20's and 30's were gathering into the living room talking to one another. They were all in their matching dresses talking to one another about something.

"Hitomi, come sit down on the couch." A plumped woman said to my mommy. She pointed a seat next to the red couch smiling all the way. "I think your little girl shouldn't hear this." The plumped woman called someone to the living room.

"Kenneth, can you come over here for a minute?"

A preteen looking boy with glasses, light brown hair and caramel skin came in the living room. He looked about thirteen and was skinny. I knew who he was and my big sister never liked him one bit but I did, well, his little brother anyways (who's a jerk to me), but I liked his kindness when you force him to be kind to you.

"Yes m'am. What can I help you with?" Kenneth crossed his arms and looked annoyed. He walked up to the couch and gave the plumped women a dirty look.

"Hitomi, have you met my nephew Kenneth? He's grown up pretty fast." She placed an arm on Kenneth's waist.

"Don't touch me!" Kenneth shoved his aunt's arm away.

"Well, that isn't like you..." The two started to argue in Spanish.

I walked away from the grown ups and Casey and I explored the apartment. As you enter the apartment, you are right away in the white living room with a nice patio on your right. As you continue to walk inside, you are immediately in the kitchen and the back porches. When you turn back to the living room, you're in a hallway with three bedrooms that were the size of the living room and at the end of the hall is the bathroom.

Casey and I went in the hallway with the rooms. The hallways were huge compared to our little apartment. Our home didn't have hallways, just a bunch of doors. One of the rooms was open and so my curious five year old self went inside. The room was white and the bed was kind of tiny. The window was sightly open and a cool breeze entered the room. I took a deep breath because the air felt really nice.

"Casey-chan, the air feels nice in here don't you..." I turned to my right and I noticed that Casey was gone. Was he just behind me just a short while ago? Something wasn't right at the moment. Casey suddenly disappeared right by me andI didn't even know about it. I began to feel scared and my body was trembling with fear.

"Casey, mommy." I said with fear. I entered out of the room and no one was in the apartment. I was starting to feel lonely and scared because no one is in the apartment with me. I went in the living room and no one was there. Then, I went in the kitchen and no one was there. Where is everyone?

I went back in the mysterious bedroom and then noticed an animal like figure by the window. I didn't notice it until now. It was sleeping soundly on the window and its chocolate and white fur was flowing in the wind. I walked carefully tothe figure and placed my hand on it.

"Casey-chan, is that you?" I said trembling.The figure slowly got up from its nap and looked at me with glowing red eyes. I backed up quickly to the door but I fell on the floor and cried. The animal's figure came up to me and stared at me with its glowing eyes. This animal wasn't normal at all. It was evil and scary looking, but then the weirdest thing happened.

As I was crying, the animal's mood started to change and its face expression became normal. When its evil glared died down, its body became noticeable and its fur looked smoother. The furry tail was wagging and its tongue was sticking out. I took a second glance at it and it was smiling at me but why? Then I heard a little kid's voice around the room. Was it the dog talking to me or someone else?

The dogs eyes stared at me with joy, "Are you Ruth Williams?"

How does it know my name? I nodded nervously at the dog.

Then the animal began to lick my face with joy, "Play with me! Play with me!"

I got off the floor and ran out of the room and entered inside of the bathroom. I closed the door shut and went inside the bathtub. The apartment was giving me the creeps. No one was in the house and I'm here alone with a crazy dog with a hat that looked similar to Casey's. Hold on a second, why do Casey and this mysterious animal have the same hat on? Why did that dog nearly killed me just now? More importantly, where did Casey and mommy went too? A five year's old adventure was about to begin.

End of Chapter 1


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