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Hidden Secrets In Our World

Novel By: XxXxSamanthaxXxX

Tags: Vampire, Love, Hot, Guys

(i cant think of a good title so this is gona have to do if u can think of one tell me lol)
Jesse is a 17 year old girl who is thrown into a world of immortals and she falls for lord Haydien but along the way a new student comes to Mr. Heathrow’s house (castle) and makes trouble for them what will happen only I know lol
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Submitted:Sep 4, 2008    Reads: 735    Comments: 8    Likes: 2   

"Jesse time to go" my mother called up to my room

"Okay mom just let me finish this page"

I got into the car without a fuss even though I hated shopping with my mother "Jesse why do you read those vampire novels don't you have anything better to do with your life"

"no" I said without paying much attention to my answer. I stared out my window wishing that my life was like the girls in my books full of adventure.....fun.....fear.....love even lust would work but my life is none of those things.

"I'll wait here you go and get what you want"

"ugh Jesse ....fine then stay and pout"

I dream about how my life should be and how I desperately wish that it could be me who has the adventure.

When we got back home i ran back up to my room so I could once again loose myself in the pages of my book. That night i fell asleep into a dreamless sleep........

When I awoke the sun was shining right onto my face I rolled over and fell off the bed and onto the floor


I looked at my clock ...10:00 am...I wonder why my mom did not wake me up earlier. I peeked my head into my mother's bedroom the first thing I saw was all the blood on the floor then my eyes found my mom next to the pool of blood , I ran over to her lifeless body "mom .....Wake up...I'm sorry......please" I screamed in between sobs.

I did not know what to do. I went to my room grabbed my back pack filled it with some cloths and I grabbed my money from under my bed before I left my room I grabbed the necklace my mom gave me and then I left. I walked what seemed like hours but I did not know how much time passed. I remember all the times my mother yelled at me I remembered all the times she wanted me to come with her ... how could I have been such a bitch to her she was my mom and now she was gone and I did not know where I was I just continued to walk. I started singing as loud as I could not caring if people looked and stared not caring if they all thought I was off my meds. I walked into a motel and got a room I took a long shower wishing it would wash away the pain; I got dressed and fell asleep all in a daze.


I hate you how could you kill her... how could you.... I love you how could you ...what were you doing ..................I hate you


I woke up with a booming headache I almost had forgotten what had happened but a new wave of tears started "mom......I'm sorry.....I love you".

I dried my eyes and got changed. All day I spent my time laying around not knowing what to do I could not eat the thought of food sent me running to the bathroom. I looked at the clock in the corner of the motel room ...deciding that it was an okay time to go to bed I fell asleep still in my cloths. When I awoke I was surprised to see that I had only been asleep for a couple of hours.....so what had woken me up..... I looked around the room but found nothing out of the ordinary so I fell back asleep.


Jesse Lexington I hear by sentence you guilty of murder in the first degree of your mother Renee Lexington you will serve.............


I decided that I had to do something today before I turned into a hermit.... when I got to the front desk to ask if my room could be cleaned there were two guys there they were in suits and I realized that they were cops they showed the desk clerk a picture I turned to run but I was too late the desk clerk pointed in my direction and I was soon put in handcuffs and my rights were told.


Jesse Lexington I hear by sentence you guilty of murder in the first degree of your mother Renee Lexington you will serve..... I stood there waiting for him to say life in prison but just as the judge was about to speak the guard from the door came up and handed the judge a folded piece of paper, the judge unfolded the paper read the words then he continued what he was going to say "Jesse Lexington you will serve life at Mr. Heathrow's house where you will work out your debt......case closed"

"Off the record miss Lexington I suggest that you follow Mr. Heathrow's instructions" I sat there to stunned to do or say anything.


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