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Hiroshi's Adventure

Novel By: Yoshie Akira

This is the second book to The Legend of Nari Rai. You don't necessarily have to read the first book to get this one, but it is recommended...Anyway, this story follows Rai's daughter, Nari Hiroshi, and eleven-year old girl who is plunged into the mortal realm by a mere accident... View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

How did it end up like this?

The blood inched closer, but I could do nothing besides let the tears fall.

How could such a simple thing escalade into something like this?

The ropes chafed my wrists. The scratchy cloth used to gag me was becoming tighter.

Oh...That's right...

The creaky old door swung open; daylight shone into the dark room, hurting my eyes. It was that man.

Everything leading up until now...

The man didn't give a glance to my dead brother. His eyes were still open; he laid in a pool of his own.

...has all contributed to this moment:

The man roughly grabbed my arm and heaved me up, then dragged me away from that place. He pushed me up onto a platform, where a beautiful woman waited with icy eyes. In her hand was a blade as sharp as her gaze.

the moment of my death.

But of course, I should start from the beginning, like a normal narrator, right?

My name is Nari Hiroshi, daughter of Nari Rai, son of Kosuke, the ruler of the sky realm. My mother is Midori, daughter of Roka, the ruler of the water realm. I was born in the sky palace on a rainy day.

My parents are very loving and nurturing to both me and my older brother. Dad is a great storyteller. He came up with a long, confusing bedtime story about a trial of gods, even though he insists that everything he said was true. But my parents also have their fights, just like any normal couple.

Like when dad says something stupid, mom yells at him, "BAAAKAAA!!" and punches him. Or when dad says something perverted, she yells at him, "HENTAI!!!" and punches him. Or when dad leaves his dirty clothes on the floor, or eats the last of the the chocolate, or surprises her with the wrong kind of chocolate to make up for eating the chocolate. Normal stuff.

My older brother, Fuu, is an alien. Seriously, yes. Fuu has no emotions, no matter how much you annoy him, spoil him, yell at him, beat him, or stare at him. He is always calm, and only speaks when he has something to say, or if you speak to him directly. Fuu is fourteen years old, with brown eyes (from mom), and blond hair as white as lightning (like dad).

Anyway, back to me.

As of now, I am eleven years old with a just-budding chest, short green hair (like mom) that frames my face, and round purple eyes (daddy, of course). I am known as the trouble maker, for some reason. Just because I like to hang out with my uncle Fuji-chan and uncle Tobi-chan, they lump me into their mischievous category.

Anyway, you're probably all bored now, right? I'm not as good a storyteller as my dad. But let's move on, shall we? My story begins with myself, Fuu-nii, and dad...

"Why are we hiding in the closet?" whispered Fuu.

"Shhhhhh!!" hissed dad, peeking out of the crack in the door. "If your mother finds us, it's the end!"

"But isn't it you that's in trouble?" Fuu sighed in his dark corner. "You're the one who broke her vase."

"Yes," said dad, "but Hiro-chan is the one who was supposed to catch the ball!"

I scoffed. "Don't push the blame on me! You threw it too far to the right!"

A roar erupted suddenly, tearing through the air, "HENTAI BAKAAAA!!!!"

Dad and I flinched; Fuu didn't even blink.

Dad whipped around and pressed his back against the door. Fuu and I backed away from him, knowing what was about to happen.

He shrieked as he fell out of the door when mom ripped it off of its hinges. In her hand were shards of the broken vase.

"It was Fuu-chan," dad said bluntly.

Mom's eyebrows raised in surprise as she turned to Fuu. "Is...that true?" she asked hesitantly.

"I'm sorry," Fuu said.

Dad breathed a sigh of relief while I frowned. Was he really going to take the blame? I opened my mouth to stand up for him.

"I can't tell a lie," Fuu said. "Dad did it."

"You traitor!" gasped dad. He rolled just in time to avoid being stomped by mom, then jumped up and ran for his life. Mom chased him, yelling insults and throwing objects she passed at his back.

Fuu stood up and calmly walked away, and I quickly caught up.

"Will you play with me?" I asked.

"What do you want to play?" he replied.

"Hide-and-go-seek," I grinned. I always won that game; he could never find me no matter how hard he tried. (In actuality, Fuu is reading a book while Hiroshi hides confidently as a lump under the bed covers for hours on end.)

"Sorry," Fuu said. "Not now. There's something I have to do."

I stopped in surprise. He's never turned down an oppurtunity to play with me.

Then he entered a room a few doors down the hallway. It was the Forbidden Room...

FUN FACT: This is the second book to The Legend of Nari Rai.

Hiroshi is a boys' name that means generous/kind. Although it is a boys' name, it was used in the last book for a very important character, so I had to bring it back because of his death. Fuu means wind. There's no particular reason that I named him that; I like the sound of "Fuu-nii!"


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