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Prince Taksi: Son of the Reaper

Novel By: Yoshie Akira

Taksi is the son the Soul Reaper, Lord Death himself. He tries to follow the path set for him, the path in which he will become Lord Death one day. However, when an evil witch kills both his master and guardian, and took his memories, everything changes, and Taksi is lost in a confusing world. Will he be able to regain his memory and return home? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 10, 2011    Reads: 11    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

I stared intently at the ground below me, alert for any kind of movement -- any sign of life. nothing but myself and my Guardianof Souls, Eruk.

It wasa dark night; wispy fog rolled through the trees of the forest. It was eerily silent -- perhaps the woodland creatures could sense my presence.

My blood-red eyes were dilated in the darkness of my hiding spot, perched high up in the leafy branches of a tree. Brown locks of hair were hidden under my black hood; long sleeves covered my pale skin.

Eruk stirred on my shoulders, raising his lizard-like snout to sniff the air. Then he sread his translucent green wings and glided over to the branch beside us, talons scraping quietly against the bark. His brown eyes peered into the darkness.

I gave him a sideways glance. His green scales looked black in the night, and if I didn't know better, I'd have taken him for a gargoyle. I snickered at the thought.

Eruk's head snapped toward me, and he gave me a nasty look. "Remember -- I can hear your thoughts, Taksi," he hissed.

I looked back innocently until he turned away again. If now had been a convenient enough time, he surely would have scolded me or bite my ankle.

The stake-out so far has been completely uneventful. Perhaps all were like this -- you'd think it would be more fun. Or perhaps my father chose an easy job for my first reaping. Either way, I don't like it.

Out of boredom, I began to twiddle with a button on my blue shirt under my cloak. I made a game of it, counting off how mnay times I twirled one and doubling it for the next. It ended with 128.

Then I let my mind wander. In retrospect, I can't remember most of what I thought about, but at one point i began to think of my father. It sudddenly occured to me how tired he always looked. When I was younger, he was as full of life as a Lord of Death could be. But that was before my mother became ill.

She had been pregnant, I remember, but then she came down with something. To this day, I haven't learned the name or cause, but it seemed to be eating away at her body and mind.

Then the day came that my baby sister was born. I was watching through a crack in the door. drawn by the screaming. Mom was giving birth, and father was trying to comfort her pain. Then the baby slipped out; mom glanced at her, said "Myrtle," and went limp.

Myrtle cried sickly as my father held her, tears in his eyes. then a nurse wisked her away from him. As they passed me, I saw the spindly legs kicking. She died four hours later.

But, enough of that, because here comes my target walking down this way.


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