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Silent Kishi

Novel By: Yume chan

Silent Kishi - The planet Turnsa, filled with mystery and secrets among its people. A feud running deep within their hearts, they struggle to forgive one another. A dark secret reveals itself and a new enemy rises. A mysterious race emerges, an angered Kishi on the verge of declaring another war, his brother trying to prevent it and a girl that made all the difference... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 14, 2012    Reads: 791    Comments: 127    Likes: 41   

Chapter One

"The lush planet"


A scream sounds from the dark; it grows louder and louder… closer and closer, as a running male comes into view, he stumbles over his own feet, as he swings his head side to side looking for something; looking for it… Sweat is dripping down his forehead and fear shows in his eyes as he continues to run along the path, paranoid about something in the night.

The sound of dragging chains in the dark torments the male as he shouts on for aid, the male staggers backwards, screeching… pleading for his life to be kept. "Please, I beg you!" he shouts as he attempts to run away from the darkness that appears before him.

A single street post flashes, revealing the male on the ground with his legs wrapped in the steel chain. The hunter gazes at the male, having his weak complex, the faint hair color, gloomy eyes and the dull stumps growing on top of his head. A fire-like image burns in the eyes of the dark coated hunter, bearing what seems to be a weapon on his right arm and the chain in his left.

"Ha… have mercy on me kishi! -a foreign race-" He begs for his life once again.

Stalker - host race of the planet Turnsa- filth… The hunter curses in his thoughts. Why should he spare the likes of these beings? Anger inflames in his eyes once again. He looks up at the sky, at the rain which is starting to plummet to Turnsa and the lightning that brightens up the night.

The stalker quivers in fear trying to loosen him from the chain, but the kishi appears to be more potent, he pulls the stalker closer. He notices that the chain is fastened to a metal bracer around the kishi's leg. Knowing he has no way out, the stalker begs yet again: "Please!"

The kishi steps closer…he just about had it and aims his weapon at the stalker's torso. The stalker's eyes widen and locks on the hand bound weapon, as metal wings spread out to the side from the core. It looks like some sort of crossbow. Suddenly a rattling sound catches his attention. It is a barrel located on the head of the weapon, rolling faster with each passing second. The stalker screams as he immediately recognizes the weapon.

"You're one of the…"

Before the stalker can finish his sentence, nails fire in rapid succession, piercing his torso and pinning him to the ground. The body lays shredded, torn and lifeless. The hunter retracts the wings and the weapons supernaturally take its original pattern, a silver bracelet around his wrist and the bracer around his leg. He turns his back on his brutality as the rain pours, cleansing the sinful deed. Lightning flashes in the sky once again and the storm doesn't seem to be subsiding.

The kishi spot a girl standing in the rain, who witnessed the horrific event. The rain pours heavily as a slight pause causes tension spring up, staring into one another's eyes. The Kishi reaches out as if he wants to hold her back, but she rejects and runs away. He is left standing abandoned, as she fades in the distance.

He wants to follow her, but he can't. Not anymore. Not after everything that's happened. In turmoil he stands and stares up into the heavens as the rain slowly settles after a while.

It was the only way…

~~~+~~~ ~~~+~~~

Glimmering street lights grow dim, as the thick mist extends over the crest of the dent ahead. The lights of a few houses hide within the mist, only peeking out every few minutes. The rain came to a halt a few minutes ago, and now he can feel the presence of a Kishi clearly. This is a distinct ability the kishi's process. He searches around and notices a person walking into a dark alley wearing a familiar red cloak, and follows shortly after. As he walks into the alley, he finds the kishi leaning against a brick wall, relaxed with his hands stretched out behind his head. It is a male with long, dark hair, black leathered clothing, a red cloak and a grin on his face.

He looks rather satisfied with what the kishi has done…

The hunter briefly looks at the one leaning against the wall, as if waiting to be acknowledged.

"Welcome back brother. I can't say I missed you, but then again, you are a great asset to my plan" the figure says grinningly. He approaches the hunter, and as he nears, he stops on the males left, both facing opposite directions, suddenly getting very serious.

The grin is gone and the eyes focus as he speaks: "I'm sure you know where your allegiance lies."

A moment of silence passes as it evokes the anxiety between the two kishi's.

"Isn't that right, Kurai…?"

Kurai -the hunter- just stands there in silence once more. The red caped kishi -his brother- smiles and continues walking along the path, laughing as he disappears into the shadows. Kurai, unnerved by his brother, decides to keep walking.

There is complete silence as the moonlight is shadowed by trees along the road Kurai is walking, but he did not notice mush, he is pondering about one subject alone. The rejection of the devastated girl, the regret he has to burden.

How could he do that to her, he thinks to himself, but what other choice did he have? Still, he wishes it could've been different, he wishes she didn't have to see…

The battle within himself continues as he resumes walking through the mist.

Making his way over the peak, he comes to realize that he walked far into the thick mist. He can barely see a thing. An awkward feeling arises as Kurai comes to a halt. Suspicious, he slowly glances over the area. He spots quick movements in the mist. He wasn't alone…

As he scans his surroundings carefully, his view gets locked on something disturbing. Two red eyes glowing in the mist, stare at him without moving. He comes to the conclusion that it might be some creature, and decides to continue. Then another pair of eyes catches his attention.

Hastening his movement, he realizes it might not be just another creature. He has never before seen anything with eyes like that.

Now he runs as more eyes appear, following his movement. He hears them tread after him and angst is sinking in. He is running fast but the eyes keep up. They're so fast…

Suddenly a person blocks his path. A large shadow with eyes glowing… It carries an intention to kill. These are no creatures. He braces himself for battle, but soon gets surrounded by 6 of these unknown species.

The large beast dashes forward, thrusting his fist towards the kishi's face. Kurai dodges barely as he moves to the right, shocked at the quickness and prowess his opponent possesses. Trying to retaliate, he throughs a flurry of jabs back at him, but to his surprise his opponent blocks and evades.

It has a skill, which can rival that of a kishi warrior…

Being dazed, his other opponents use this to their advantage. He suddenly evades another shadow, dodging left and right as the punches keep coming. He then takes a few steps backwards, trying to distance himself from the two beings.

What are they? Kurai ponders as he braces himself for the oncoming blows.

Kurai parries as the two figures throw their fists in his direction, but an abrupt strike to the stomach leaves the kishi flinched, staring astonishingly at a child that delivered this powerful blow. A boot to the head of the large figure brings Kurai down.

Feeling the sharp pain to the head, Kurai struggles to lift himself up, only for his attempts to be in vain as another boot to the face knocks him backwards. Lying on his back, he spots feet stomping down upon him. Rolling out of the way, he moves back into his battle stance and decided that this fight will need more than hand-to-hand combat skills.

No more fooling around, Kurai angrily thinks to himself.

The bracelet on his arm glows brightly as it supernaturally transforms into the weapons he held previously that night. He extends the metal wings and takes aim. The barrel starts to roll again and soon gets followed by rapid bursts of nails. His opponents now scatter in all directions inside the mist, making it hard to hit. As the flurry of nails stop and his view clears, a hard knee gets driven into his cheek, followed by setbacks of blows to the body and head. The staggered kishi stumbles as he is clearly caught off guard. He tries to balance himself afterwards. To his surprise, the perpetrator is female, and her face is covered with blood. Then he discovers that all of them have blood on their faces…

He has seen much blood in his life. He knows too well the face of dead brethren on the battlefield, but this is different. There are no wounds that bleed; instead… the blood came from their eyes. And it was flowing without stop.

"Surprised?" the male asks grinningly.

"Damn Kishi filth!"

Kurai now stunned that a being looking like that had intelligence and seems to be in full control of their mind. And why is he so angry towards him?

The male signals his partners to attack together. A team consisting of: two females, a child and three males. The first of the females is quite tall, with long dark hair covering much of her face and has gloves with sharp nails extending from her fingertips. The second is much shorter with short hair and weaponless. First one of the males is very tall and large, as he is built out of pure muscle and strength. The second male has long hair and a distinct smile that you can't forget. The child is short yet well-built for his age as well. Last of the males seemed to be the leader, as he is the one doing most of the talking and issuing commands. Two of the males and the child are all without shirts, showing the cuts and scars on their bodies as if they are regularly in combat. As for the females, they aren't badly dressed from what he can see, but blood stains in their clothing.

This is not good for him. He can barely keep up with one or two of them. A whole team of these bleeding misfits will be too much.

The mist is to his disadvantage as his aim is disrupted. He needs to get away. His opponents still continue thrusting kicks and flurrying punches. Kurai evades the kick and blocks a few punches and as another kick came, he grabs onto his chain, side steps to his left and wraps the male's leg with it. Trapped in an awkward position, the male stumbles forward, on one leg, as the Kishi pulls him closer.

Then a stunned expression appears on the male's face. On the front of his weapon, but beneath the barrel, is a long bayonet protruding. Pierced, the male suffers and breathes his last breath when the barrel of the weapon starts rolling again. Kurai's weapon, pinned to the trunk of his opponent, is firing bursts of nails. Fire jetting out of the wings as the firing turns even more rapid, shredding the body. The rattling sound silences, and he slide the torn body of his weapon and witnesses fear in the eyes of his enemies'.

"He killed him!" the child yells as they observe the corpse of their partner on the floor.

Deciding that this is the perfect time to escape, he starts to run. Angered at the sight of the torn-up body, one female yells as it clearly is the body of the one she holds dear: "I'll kill you!"

His heartbeat creates the soundtrack to the chase and his feet the rhythm that leads the track. Flowing around corners and over fences the Kishi flees for his life, whilst his enemies are following fast, leaping from one rooftop to another. They can clearly see him, but he struggles with his view in the thick mist. As a wooden fence approaches, one of the misfits breaks through and attacks. The Kishi ducks and evades the attack, retaliating with a sweep, knocking the misfit off his feet. The rest soon closes the gap between them and their target. The Kishi wasted valuable time and tension mounts as he tries to run away.

"We got you now Kishi!" one of the males yells while the rest of them grin, thinking the kishi will be cornered.

A large wall is now the obstacle in his way. Kurai aims ahead with his hand bound weapon. Nearing the wall, he fires a very heavy metal bolt from the bottom of his weapon, underneath the bayonet. The metallic bolt breaks through the wall, collapsing a whole section, making way for Kurai to run through.

The misfits surprised at the outcome, "What the hell was that!" the short female exclaims as fear sinks in again.

"It's just a fancy toy, nothing to be afraid of with the mist as our cover. Now let's get going!" The leader encourages them.

Kurai runs as fast as his feet can carry him. He can't die tonight, he thinks to himself. A girl with soft purple hair appears in his thoughts, memories flash of her smiling, granting him hope. He has to make sure she'll be ok. The devastated look on the girl's face in the rain comes to mind again. He burdens the regret once more.

I'm sorry, he thinks to himself. I only wish it could be different…

Suddenly an arm extends in front of him and he gets knocked, flipping backwards, twirling in the air and crashing into the ground. This hard blow cause him to cough up blood. His body is now in agony. Finding himself surrounded, he can't see a way out. He, a kishi warrior, is now at their mercy. The large male brings down his wader on top of Kurai's head, stomping, as he enjoys the suffering he is putting the crushed Kishi through.

"You're filth. All of you!" the large male exclaims.

"It was your war that made us who we are today!" the leading male append, "We will have our revenge, no Kishi nor stalker will be safe."

The leader goes down on one knee and positions him over Kurai.

"And you're the first!" the angered male reaches out and grabs a hold of Kurai's neck, pulling his almost lifeless body upwards.

As the being readies a final blow, a shadow appears in the mist behind them. A pause occurs as the misfits turn their heads and gaze into the mist. The shadow stands firm, and red eyes gleam…

Obviously they know him very well…

"It's…" the child speaks before being interrupted.

"The Prince…" the long female exclaims.

The shadow soon fades into the mist…

"There's no time to waste, after him now!" the leader shouts out loud as he sends the remainder of them after the apparition, "Seems your end will be delayed tonight…"

He drops Kurai, leaving him there to suffer, as he runs off.

He lies there, broken inside, powerless and unable to pick himself up…

Is this how he will die? Is this how his last breath will be spent? He wants to pick her up; he just needs to see her one last time. The moment lasted a few seconds. As his eyes close slowly, he is entrusted with one final thought.

I'm so sorry…

Three specks form in the distance and grow bigger as they approach. A female of his kind rush to the nearly lifeless body.

"Kurai," she pleads with him kneeling down and speaking softly, "don't give up… please."

She clears her eyes from the tears, knowing a kishi may not show any weakness. She orders her men to carry him, as they make their way out of Seipatu. As he is carried, the past few weeks came back to Kurai in flashes. Flashes of the moment he first set sight on that beautiful girl…



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