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The Rime for Sarah, the Twitard (Sam316547 Fantasy Challenge)

Novel By: yuu shindemura

Sarah Denise Lewis is the same as every teen obsessed with the book, twilight. she squeals, she's happy and she attacks people who doesn't worship and praise the book.

Sarah is your ultimate Twilight fan, and she worships Stephanie Meyer, too.

Yet, a lesson has to be learned for her, in one way or another...and that is, 'Twilight' is never that awesome...
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Submitted:Sep 5, 2009    Reads: 207    Comments: 10    Likes: 0   

In Accordance to my Entry
Sam316547's "Something Strange Fantasy Contest"
May I Present:
"The Rime for Sarah, the Twitard"
The fantasy challenge novel from Sam316547
* * *
Take into consideration that this is fantasy, and may I say no less, not to read if it steams thee with scowl or frown and not with glee…
…for I may never plea what incites thee, the fun of doing this novel is dedicated first to me.
But yes of course, this novel is dedicated to Sam316547, too!^^ +_+
The heart, techniques, strategies, and words of this novel refined new, it is one of the aesthetic forms of my writing I take well and true…
…for people to skip the words they read, they may find the words to deceive…
…thus please read it with care, and comprehend the play of words with sincere understanding excellent or at least fair.
May the many thanks and appreciations reach thee, which are humbly delivered by certainly, yours truly.
Yours Truly,
~~The Pierrot of Four Aces
"The face of the author in sand,
Draws up the hourglass of grand…
Leaves no tracks, don't look back…
Take it or leave it, you may never believe it."
* * *
Genre: Fantasy
Content: new fantasy B-Label tale
Type: mini novel
Order: First mini novel; and the ninth installment of total novels made
Pen name to be used: "The Pierrot of Four Aces" (in relation to 'Yuu Shindemura' as that pen name is used solely for registering anime-based novels and stories, this one is different.)
Writing style: a play of words and fable essence; a touch of classic and poem streamed into words and sentences

The Rime for Sarah, the Twitard
"On one twilight, where the evening rose to its blackest hue, stars fading out in the sky as the dubbed midnight sun rose after the eclipse of the new moon…
…and it shall never reach the point of breaking dawn, for the moon shall set in the east; and the sun may rise from the west…
Does it make sense?
Of course not… but this is the rime for Sarah…the twitard."
Scene One: Sundown Leading to Cemetery…
The day started with the brightest and warm sunlight as Sarah Denise Lewis, a high school sophomore came walking towards her school. Day by day, she anticipates the same; she talks to her friends of the happiness brought by the book of twilight, night to day.
A friend loves him, a friend hates her. Him and her, the characters of the grand novel they praised for 'Twilight' in its fame.
One day, things got sparkler for Sarah when news spread as rapid as fires seething on dry grasses foddered: a carnival called 'The Twilight Carnival' hosted to give the twilight fans much entertainment in commemoration of the subject for this coming month of November.
As it was already the last week of October, fans roared with great appease and enthusiasm. Sarah's heart boiled in volatile and excitement that she went on and asked any random students, "Yes! Twilight is the best novel, right? And Stephanie Meyer is the god!" she blurted the question in lieu to her excitement as well as the upcoming event. She was also hoping for 'Cullenism', the belief of most twilight fans would spread the good news far and wide, reaching for the farther lands and islands and seas and tides.
A number of students agree, and it appeased her with glee. However on some fine instances, "No," said one student, "It's okay," said another one, "It's, well it's just a book." And another student replied. Sarah's excitement was changed to enrage-and enraged is just an understatement. Her temper rose that she slapped and attacked the students who spoke of words noting the book as 'okay'. Those particular students see the book as only a small object and nothing more, it's just a book they never pray. And as clear as the freshest air, Sarah is different; everyday she read the book and its sequels, taking all words from likeness to fervent.
Hence, she doesn't and never tolerates people who don't take the book as their ultimate need-and she would always force them to concede. For her, the book is her existence, and it is and will always be felt intense.
The day of November came…
"Stephanie!" one of Sarah's friends called her as that.
"Let's go girls!" acknowledged Sarah and took the notion. Less for anyone to notice, she keeps her real name undisclosed and fronts up another name, calling herself 'Stephanie'.
Sarah, or in this case, 'Stephanie' and her friends ran towards heading for the carnival. It was noted for the place to open its gates by three in the afternoon, yet they were too early with their arrival. The clock ticks to twelve, but the crowd of fans waiting were gushing like a flood filled with fonder, and a possibility was taken in account that they may just storm the place if they waited any longer.
Yet as fortunate, the people or the massive crowd waiting outside the carnival were dominated by teenagers, and they were having fun talking to each other like a big community. They debated and talked, and they also share thoughts in new and old, and even in redundancy.
Finally, the hour of three has tolled, and the fans of twilight roared. In excitement they leapt to the carnival's entrance full of sparkles and rides, as much as cotton candy fragrance and clown smiles. Different rides can be taken as special stuffs are seen and heard for every fan to relate them with much more that has been entertained and served.
Not only rides, but twilight-related items from caps to hats and necklaces, masks to glowing make-ups and blush-on for the faces, all can be bought at a fair price, with the twilight logo fit for its size.
Sarah and her friends felt their time of their lives at point summit, where every joy and happiness knows no limit.
Soon, much hours of amusement had passed with most fans enjoying the different entertainments brought by the carnival, for the moment of the hour of nine has come; and the carnival will be closing soon to be done.
"And now," The acclaimed ringmaster, a fine gentleman about his age on the twenties announced from the stage, his face was dressed in fine white and cosmetics, his coat belonging to Victorian era with matching pants, and with his top hat seen in beige, "For the closing of this wonderful entertainment we brought to all of you, each fan will receive a gift item from the carnival!"
The fans roared and cheered, excitement filled with them to know what the gift item will be given here. As it was handed to all of them by the carnival troupe, their excitement turned sour. It was a colorful clown doll of varied materials with eyes designed like a star. Some of the fans took it rudely and wanted twilight merchandise, but the circus troupe cannot meet the demands and cannot spare the dice.
All they have for a gift item are the smiling clown dolls of two feet high, made out of porcelain, or vinyl, resin, ceramic, all painted with multihued dye. The carnival troupe, despite outlandish colorful costumes painted with clown smiles cannot appease the crowd of fans, and slowly, little by little the crowd fled back to the city, and some back in their towns.
"What a loser." shrugged Sarah, "At least we had a lot of fun." her friends agreed with her. She then tossed the clown doll on the ground while they exited along with the rest of the fans who attended the carnival.
Most fans just threw and tossed the received clown dolls elsewhere, it may have been thrown in the trashcans, but most were in the streets; they just didn't care.
Soon after, the carnival was empty, however not only was it empty, it was…deserted. What happened to the ringmaster and the carnival troupe along who rendered?
The clock strikes eleven in the evening…and in that exact moment, the big and wide carnival has just vanished from where it was situated in a brink of a second. Only a wet marshland was observed, and even the stuffed clowns that were thrown mostly on the ground by the crowd and fans were nowhere to be found.
End of the First Scene…


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