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Pathern: The Empty World

Novel By: zadudet1

A girl awakes in a strange yet familiar world. When she awakes the dream she was having fades away along with her memories. How did she come to this odd world? Why is she here? Can she ever go home? And most importantly, what is her name...? View table of contents...



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A vast nothingness covered everything in the beginning. Then, a wind began to blow. It was gentle at first, but soon it grew fast. The faster it became the more things it left in its wake. Finally after many mistakes, it created a perfect world.

However, that world was empty and lonely. The wind understood that the emptiness must be filled, so it created creatures to inhabit its perfect work. They too varied in perfection. Those that were not up to par were sent to far away planets, to the failed worlds.

Soon, the world was filled with its wondrous creations and there was joy and celebration. Many years passed with peace and prosperity. The wind's creatures wanted for nothing and in return they followed their creator loyally. Unfortunately, nothing can last forever and the wind grew very weak.

At first none of its creatures noticed. Then a young salar child picked up on it. She tried to tell her parents of it, but they were stubborn and disregarded her warning. Desperate to save her creator, she spoke to others of her kind. Again she was ignored. Her attempts grew more hysterical as she appealed to the others races and species.

Eventually she had been shunned by all. The wind couldn't be felt anywhere throughout the world except high in the mountains. She fled to them and pleaded for a last act of help from the wind. She prayed that she might find a way to save it.

Soon only a faint breeze could be felt even in the mountains. She feared that there would be no time left. On that solemn near windless day, the wind blew with one strong gust and whispered to the girl. One single plea, Save me. However, it was already too late. That day was the last the wind blew anywhere in that world. The same day it vanished, their planet fell into peril.

My eyes opened sleepily. There was weird sense of urgency as the dream I was having slipped away. I wondered what it was about. It seemed as though I've lost something very important and close to my heart, but I can't draw the memories up.

When I sat up, I was lost. I didn't know where I was. The problem was that I don't remember where I used to be either. All I knew is that this is not a place I've been before. Testing how much I've forgotten, I tried to recall my name. It was funny. I knew what a name was, but I could not figure out my own.

I should have been uneasy, but I wasn't. I felt at ease somehow. With that peacefulness settled in my heart, I surveyed my surrounding. There was nothing anywhere. No houses, no people. I knew there were people where I came from. Why then, couldn't I remember anyone in specific?

My legs felt weak and shaky when I stood up. Things I recognized existed in this place. Had I just been dumped far from home, far from anywhere? The grass tickled my bare feet as I began walking. In the distance I saw a deep valley that spread out to a far away horizon.

I felt something odd as I began walking. It isn't something I had a name for. It was as though the air was moving around me. The way it moved was soft and gentle. What was this strange sensation? I pulled hard at my faded memories, trying to summon a word for this. Finally, one came: breeze. This was a breeze.

I shook my head hard trying to think why that was so important. Alas nothing came, so I didn't let it concern me. I began to wander, wondering where I was. There was something nostalgic about this place, even though it was unfamiliar.

I began to notice much junk strewn about the ground. It looked like something, or someone, used this place as a dump. Being only six, I couldn't even see over most of the towering piles. I wondered who had left all this refuse here.

The more I roamed, the more I understood something important. This was not my world; I was born elsewhere. Then, where was this place? Where was this strange familiar world I was now in? A word came to my mind unbidden. Pathern, the empty world.


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