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What the Moon hids in the dark

Novel By: Zin the keeper of darkness

Something I been working one. This is about a girl who gets town into a world and meets a demon named Zak who helps her out. The rating might change as the story goes progression on. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 29, 2009    Reads: 95    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

What the Moon hides in the Dark

Prologue: Luna was dreaming or so though she though she was. People after forget what Rexity and Dreams really are or do they? She was holding herself as she woke up or so though no one know's not even her. All she knows is that she's got the power form the moon. So come and join her on her jounry to find out if what the hell is going on with her and to counter parts have to battle it out what could go wong?

The moon gleamed over the ocean like it did every night but something, it was different tonight…unlike those other nights. Its something different tonight like how; oh I don't know just maybe people we're fighting tonight that's all…but as quickly as the fight broke out it ended just as fast. Thanks to a dark and mysterious guy that wore a cloak with the hood up and just as fast as he came he was gone. Luna woke up form her dream. "What was that about?" She asked herself as she sat up and looked at her clock…it was only 2:30 am.

She lied there for about five minutes and got up. "Okay…I am up so I might as well do something." She said as she got up and got dressed then went outside to do something. She walked to the forest and sat in the middle of all those trees. (It looked like something out of Snow WhiteXD.) She just sat there and did nothing.

Somewhere…less than a couple of demons that were trying to kill each other for something, 'Give it up Zak you can't win this fight and you know it." Said Zrack as he dove though him. "That's what you think Zrack but my heart is nothing like yours at all…mine is pure, unlike yours that is tainted from the darkness in your soul." Said

Zak as he. The moon gleamed over the ocean like it did every night but something, it was different tonight…unlike those other nights. Said Zak as he moved out of Zracks way. "Nice moves but that's not going to stop me from beating you Zrack and you know it." Zak said as drew his sword and lunged at me and Zrack did the same. "Nice moves." They in unison…they both didn't give an inch. They where evenly matched.

Back where Luna was; she was still sitting in the middle of the trees but something was wrong she felt it but she couldn't tell what it was. "What's going on here?" She said as she got up and walked over to see if she could find out what was going on.


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