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"El Lau Farama"

Poetry By: Alex Sharpe

El Lau Farama is a poem by Alex Sharpe. Copyright (c) 2013 by Alex Sharpe.

(El Lau Mistique: "Happy")
(El Lau Farama: "Dark")
(As with El Lau Mistique, El Lau Farama is a poetic series of many poems)

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El Lau Farama -- by Alex Sharpe (C) COPYRIGHT 2013 by Alex Sharpe El Lau Farama

"El Lau Farama": "The Event"

By Alex Sharpe


Evaporescent Pawning, Dawdling... Whispering While Elemontec Powers Paddle By.
Laces of Lacau, Lissea Laid All Over -- Spread Ataracable -- Unbearable -- Nothing Near, Nothing to Fear. Covered in hues and beautiful beaus, lisquer and leud.

Powdered Pebbles Trickling Down a Mountain River -- A Sliver of Moonlight Rekons the Past, Residing Reasons of What Comes Last, In the Rust and Ruins of Bones and Glory. Silver laying reasons Creating the quiver -- Streaming, Teeming Silently Dreaming and Auietly Screaming -- As terror runs and unfolds, a dark closet where a lone flower grows, tired of know, covered in tar-filled snow -- nowhere to go, a trace of light vanishes into the darkness, where evil resides, tarnished too soon, a beautiful boon, repeats the past -- and in a quick terror, backlash of beauty, innocence flees. Streaming, Teaming -- Dreaming And Silently -- Gently Screaming. Misty Waters Float Up -- Into the Sky -- Becoming Why. Sly, my my, Oh Precious Predator Play -- Peridot Lay. Fire and Ashes, Spread To Shay. Tranquilating Terror, Aquamarine Bay Lay, Abay. Whiskers Tearing, Fathoms of Chasms, Remarking Scare, Willowing Hair, Scarrowing Tear, Nothing Near, Nothing to Fear. Viet no mar. No More Troubles Float in bay, when nothing is here.

Shined and Ligh, bright and twight. Winters delight. Solstace air, breathtaking mare. Waters edge, galaxies bed. Flickering holes from bickering knulls. Hooded trolls, whimpering home, nolloded hull. Told of disgrace, terrored face, vanished trace.
Disquised humor in harrowing lace. Bettered fancies, harmed and cased. Nothing special, once was trust, turned into lust, abust and cust.

Flippering Chemicals, Pools of Dance. Second Glance, Shallow Vance, Deepened Trance.
Flying by this blught tonight, trying to dive to die to light. When castuaries and terror ferries. Isolated berry terries.

Dok Shis Fenur, Ellesent de Servel, Priet, Niet, Nepral ne Levet. I dance and play, I dance and play. Beautiful may be, but trust is near me. Descovance triped, nearly niped, hated life, trifled speech. Stormy Night, Dusty Dream. Filled and Barred, Flying Seama. Echoed Silence, Severed Quint.

The citadel was on fire, no one could stop it. We ran and hid, waiting for the end. Everyone was scared, torn and parched. Families gone in seconds of dark. People fled and forced apart. Evil came and tore apart. Shadows Shattered, Blood-Stained Art. We sat and waited, waiting to die. The Sky Tore Apart, and Silence Fell, Beauty Died, Clutching Art.

The Citadel was on fire, no one could stop it. We ran and hid, waiting for the end. Everyone was scared, torn and parched. Families gone in seconds of dark. People fled and forced apart. Souls tortured and hopelessly lost. Shadows tattered, then shattered -- Blood-stained art. We Sat and watched, ripped apart. Nothing to do and nowhere to hide. Tripped and stripped while we lay in hate, looking at the shadows of ghosts and ashes flew, racing around, killing and drown. Watching helplessly as the sky tore apart, and silence fell, all beauty silenced, forever, nothing left, as humanity died, silenced of breath.

"El Lau Farama": "Darklight Bright"
By Alex Sharpe
Scream and scream, hollowed sigh. A sad goodbye, never told dry. Brought forth to the eye, shattered sky, sinking high, drifting off into the beautiful lust, a universe full of darkness, planets amd skies. Water drains and soon it dries. If the end is near then nigh. Why God why, we are here tonight, today, tomorrow of wishful lust. Where we roam and where we push. Twighlight screams and flesh is sewn. Terror is thrown and bone is gone. Ashes rise in disguise as evil beauty, trechourous lies, Miles and miles of death and try. Edge of darkness and full of light, screams and screams, and then it dies.
Cursed and wretched, born and ate, hell thought and heaven sold. Lashed and tied, (TO BE EDITED, TO BE CONTINUED)


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