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Sakura, Cherry Blossoms

By: Angel BeatZ

Page 1, This is a poem that I am writing for a poetry contest on Booksie! Hope you like it!


Cherry Blossoms



As I walk

On the path of rock

Pink petals flutter

Making me stutter

I keep my face from shock


These pieces reflect upon my heart

It was not always like this from the start

Within me I keep a single pure light

Never leaving these flowers from my sight

If I did, it would tear me apart


They blossom in the spring

Growing in bunches or maybe in a ring

As I pass they slowly fall

It wasn’t me they intended to call

But my ears caught the song they sing


Walking alone, the end is near

Head held high I show no fear

Still I walk that path alone

They gently fall on this path of stone

It’s the Cherry Blossom song I hear. 



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