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A Missing Girl

By: ashi17

Page 1, This poem is about self discovery.

Listen, o' you stranger,

I am in search of a girl

who was lost from a party,

to find her, kindly help me.





She was young,

fresh like a dew drop,

flew like a bird, blew like air.

spreads the colors of rainbow.





She was naughty,

possessing all colors of beauty,

charm, grace, jolly and adored

sparkled eyes as bright as diamond.





Her smile could

change the path of tempest,

she was calm like a dark night

and bright like a sunny day.





She was uncommon

with some exceptional qualities,

knew very well how to make

other delighted, in clouds of sadness.





She hates tears,

sorrow and solitude.

so, she arranged life-time party,

with friends, in her world of beauty.






But how sad,

the party is going on

and she is missing from there,

can you tell me, her address ?





I tried my best,

to check her everywhere,

inquire of to everybody, here

even to the benign nature of God.





All are worried

about their lovable creature,

to find her, should I go to some

solitary world, guide me o' stranger.

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