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Dilemma of an Angel

By: ashi17

Page 1, A reunion of long lost lovers.

Rosette got the message of an Angel,

He had a keen desire to meet her,

To see how she looked and felt,

Long after being abandoned by him.


A meeting, a reunion after centuries,

This poured life into frozen Rosette,

Although she had vanished by her choice,

The fire of love was burning her heart alive.


Angel was in dilemma as he had been before,

Not so sure about feelings of his own,

But sure about the pleasure of meeting,

With the mortal beauty, amidst her eternal love.


Rosette showered in waterfall of joy,

Tasted the dew drops of freshness,

She dressed and made up for her now lackluster looks,

And picked with her, a sharp edged diamond.


They met, in the exotic beauty of nature,

Universe bore witness of this reluctant couple,

The Angel was silent, trying to understand her,

Rosette smiled ear to ear, showing her deep dimples.


She opened her arms to absorb the togetherness,

Keeping aside the long period of pain and suffering

Desired this moment to be inseparable and immortal,

And then took out the piece of diamond.


She used its edges to cut the threads of her life,

She fell in to the arms of her love, her Angel

With her life draining with the blood,

All of his dilemma started diluting.


The valley started turning into red,

A color of beauty, love and death,

Nature cried and the Angel sighed,

The Rosette had happily died.

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