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"My Dream"

By: Biya

Page 1, It is something impossible.. but still, this is what i dream!


Colors of happiness, I want to Spread.
Console the people when their closer
ones are Dead.

‘Pain’ is the word I want to Remove
silently hope that humanity will Improve.

There should be no concept of richness and Poverty
everyone should be treated with Equality.

Billions of people with Heaps of Wishes.
I pray to GOD that they will come true
the moment their prayer Finishes.

It hurts, to see Old parents running after their children
and Fall
while they wasted their life at their
Beck and Call.

I don’t want to see, poor kids begging for bowl of Rice.
While mostly people are eating more then their Appetite.

Don’t want to see orphans, when their parents are Alive.
And definitely no more abortions and stop them to kill one more Life.

When hopeless lives finally decide to Suicide.
I want to run, hug them and make them smile Wide.

I want every one to believe in one GOD and never lose Hope.
The universal power will forgive them, and hold them tightly with HIS Rope.

How can I stop my Eyes Gleam
when that is what I daily Dream.
I pray to GOD, to fulfill this dream.
He smiles and says, I will fulfill it.
The day everyone will dream the same dream. :)

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