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The Passing of Heroes

By: Byron Quinn

Page 1, It is often the case that with each victory a dire price is payed

The Passing of Heroes

I couldn’t save you from the darkness
Your soul lost forever in the black
Can you forgive me?

I failed to shield you from the danger
The danger you since became
When all you did with honour
Was lost on my selfish eyes

You gave so much
To face the demon you knew you could never overcome
Sacrificed each representation of hope
The ideals you clung to
In vein of your own survival

The deeds of a hero
A tragedy fit for Shakespearean muse
And now the world bows down in mourning
To the loss of its truest soul

For though you slay the beast
Its evil devoured your soul
And now my son in turn
I must slay you

Forgive me


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