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The Sorcerers Staff

Poetry By: Graeme Montrose

A poem about a powerful sorcerer’s staff and betrayal

Submitted:Jul 1, 2010    Reads: 117    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

The Sorcerers Staff
I sing of times so long ago
When powers waged in war
A time of warriors and of beasts
A time of records lost
I see through time
I see beyond
This tale I must now tell
Of crafty kings in halls of ice
With eyes of cunning glint
Off cold, cold steel that's stained dark red
Of silence yet that talks
Where not a word is heard around
Yet still I hear the cries
Pain and suffering call to me
Echoing down through time
I see a staff move in the air
Its power throbs within
Anointed staff from Garvanell
All kneel in loyalty
Thus they kneel before its power
Glowing green and bright
For centuries the kings did fight
To gain this holy staff
It gave great power unto the king
A sorcerers staff it be
Each king in turn did use its power
To gain and to destroy
Each king its energy drew forth
Becoming one with it
And so King Ruthsell came to power
He conquered far and wide
His power great his mercy none
He ruled in times long gone
The kings of east and north and south
All waged a war on him
Great armies came invading now
They sought to slay the king
His face it glowed like fire when told
He raised his staff on high
The 'Knights of Whitened Skulks' stood by
The king he called to them
Who will fight the hordes that come?
Swarming all around
War now comes it brings much death
The enemy moves so near
Powerful warriors they seem to be
Muscles bulging forth
Monstrous weapons reeking death
Blood stains all the ground
Fiends from deep the caverns dark
For sorcerers are there
They enter to this realm to slay
Who I cry will stand by me
Who will fight the foe?
A silence filled the hall that day
For such a horde twas ne'er seen
Powerful sorcerers were there
And beast both great and strong
The men did shuffle, fear did loom
None dare answer him
The king looked round with hope to them
But no one answered him
The knights so brave stood whitened now
They feared the enemy horde
With sorcerers dark and creatures vile
They trembled at the thought
Then from the back a voice was heard
In answer to his call
A bard stepped forth his harp in hand
A tale he had to tell
His tale did speak of one thought dead
The warrior 'Valmedal'
The king his countenance grew grim
For him he so did hate
Valmedal gave no loyalty
He wandered all alone
Yet seeing now no other hope
He listened to the bard
He sent now riders seeking him
Thus soon did hear a word
A price I ask o' king from you
To rid this land of such
No worship of thyself again
Leave each to seek the truth
Put off the staff and rule in love
Give justice to all men
For then O' king I'll fight for you
I'll rid this land of them
The king was wroth
Yet still agreed. a plan he had you see
For when the warrior won the fray
When all were slain for sure
A poisoned chalice gave he him
He smiled to see him drink
Brave Valmedal thus drank and died
His body thrown out
Yet from this act the people learnt
The king they could not trust
So five there were who slew the king
As sleep fell to his eyes
The staff they took to claim its power
But none did want to share
And so they set to fight for it
Until they all were slain
A youth, a page took up the staff
Now seeing what it brought
He took the staff and threw it far
Into the deep blue sea
And so it's told, it waits below
For one to find its power
And then it will arise again
The staff to rule the world
So many yet they be that seek
The staff both far and wide
Yet none hath found a trace of it
Its' power - still untapped
A prophecy was found in stone
Inscribed by powers strange
That one will find it and arise
A king to claim the land
Another though to balance him
A bard whose word doth live
His power will vie beyond the staff
And thus a war begin
But tales abundant oft we hear
Some wonder what is true?
I leave these words for you all now
Who seeks the truth from them?


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