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By: Imuildaeren

Page 1, theirs spelling mistakes(i just did it on this) and this also links to the Dimesion Eyes world.

To be or not thought a young man 5 he was or so he thought,

he played with the little kids laughing at their jokes,

until one a man said you will be choked on september now remember that,

the young man was gripped with fear and shed many a tear until,

she was beuitiful thought many a villager as the lonley woman passed through town,

but not a sound to the dear boy did she make,

the boy began to get confused 'why does a woman not speak to i am mabye not worthy but when i'am throttle i shall throttle the other man and may he haystin to hell then mabye she will love me

now it was one cold night and the young boy had no were to sleep so peeped around the village,

when he was fast asleep under a tree that seen lifetimes of crime when along came the boys most tresuared posesion,

now she hugged and snuggeled to be close to this boy thoughts stirred the boys head,

the boy unable to controll his beserk brain he grapped the woman and pulled her tight,

but the lonley girl fought with all her might till a sensation that blew the young man away blew her with the suns rays.

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