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The Shadows Inside

By: Kalika997

Page 1, We all have The Shadows near us....

I hear them all whispering to me,

They hate all that I wish to be,

Here, I see where The Shadows will be,

They are gone in the day,

But I am their prey,

Here I lay where The Shadows play,

They shout and they scream,

Against me they team

Here in this dream, The Shadows scheme,

I'm afraid of their judgement,

It sets on me like cement,

In my tent, where The Shadows are leant,

They rush around as if busy with nothing to do,

They are now stuck here, tighter than glue,

This is true, and The Shadows are too,

They run and they hide,

Like the rushing tide,

Here I lie with The Shadows inside.

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