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If I Were a Bird?

By: Km2

Page 1, This and, \'O, to be a Fish!\' are sister poems. I\'ve been writing quite a few in that format here lately, actually. They are two poems that can be read back to back as if it were one. Or stand alone. Kind of like how musicians will write two different songs that are always played one after the other. Sort of the same thing.

Soaring high above

Mountain tops so bright

Searching for my love

Reaching new, crazy heights


Shooting right past the tips

Never make much sound

Quietly laughing to myself

Bursting through the clouds


Wings flapping, beating

Carry me to great unknowns

My tail directing me, it

Leads me, right back to my home


Next time I go to feed

My talons gripping fish

Before this day is gone

I have this final wish


I am a bird

Soaring through the sky

How I wish, I were a fish

Just to swim once

Before I die?

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