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O, to be a Fish!

By: Km2

Page 1, This and, \'If I were a Bird?\' are sister poems. I\'ve been writing quite a few in that format here lately, actually. They are two poems that can be read back to back as if it were one. Or stand alone. Kind of like how musicians will write two different songs that are always played one after the other. Sort of the same thing.

The deepest blue waters

Hugging the ivory coasts

Rainbows of corrals

Plugging the bottoms of boats


From sparkling bays, to

Crystal clear lagoons

Plethera of treasure divers

Searching for gold debloons


Tired of the stream-life

Longing to be free

Just up and left one day

And headed out to sea


The current was strong

The waves were so tough

O boy, for a little fish

I sure got it rough


I am a fish

Just living in the sea

How I wish, to be a bird

So I can fly away

And be free?

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