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it's a beautiful thing called" love..":) Or so we thought:/

Poetry By: kristinahernandez122

The feeling that it's love.. You thought it would last forever. Not listening to others. Taking no advise. Spending all your time ...thinking and wishing. Going out of your way to make him happy. He neglected you, but you liked it. He said he loved you.. And you believed it. Cute nicknames.kisses and cuddling .Never wanted to say goodbye. Everything crashes down. And you feel.... Alone,taken advantaged , beaten, soulless, empty.... But girls, remember ... You are NOT alone! Please trust me! I don't care if I'm so far away. I still care. Cause you are a human being and you have a beating heart. ! I'm here for anyone!

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Hanging on to someone you "love"... In my experience... And I'm still really young. I've already encountered what I felt "true love" was... I told myself, that id never get too attached to any guy. Until I felt safe. Until I felt he was the "one"... I met who I thought to be my soul mate.. Don't ask why I felt so sure about him. But I was crazy in love. And I have had boy friends before him. A kiss before him. But when I was around him. I smiled 24/7. I'm not sure if it's because his perfect smile, great tan, or if it was just the safe feeling of being around him... But I felt it was love.... So that is exactly what I called it. <3 We started dating. And I we clicked. It felt BEAUTIFUL. For the first time. I felt the feeling that was described in story books. Every weekend for a month straight, we hung out. And when we hung out... We talked heart to heart. Listened with open ears. Messed around. Cuddled. And it was just great. :) We tested each other all the time.. Always played fight together. It just felt .. Right?. I guess that's how to describe it... Phone calls after midnight. Cute goodnight text.. Everything was fantastic<3waiting for each other after every class at school. :)But then..... I started to notice something. After about a month. A month of "I love you" and sweet love.. I noticed.. We didn't talk as much. The calls went from hours. To three minutes. At first I understood. You're busy. You have other friends. and I didn't think too much about it... But then.. I started to notice the cute names went to rude names. messing around or not... It hurt. I'm your girl friend. Yea, I have a since of humor. But it gets kinda frustrating after a while.. but because I love you, I kept it all to myself.. You told me you loved me so much. But honestly, you never showed it..(anymore).. never hanging out led to no time with each other. No time to talk out issues, or just bond. But I got myself over it. Because true love never fails... But around two months.. I started noticing more girls... And by that, I mean you hugging other girls... When you wouldnt even hug me... ( i didnt get jealous... I mean you are human. You didnt try to hide it..) But, it did hurt a little when you gave a girl you just met a hug goodbye.... And not me... And you kept doing it.. But of course, I let it go... Why? Cuz I love you. About two Weeks after not talking.I called him. I told him we had to hang. So we did... I planned on telling him I felt that I was losing him. Everyday, for six days straight.. I over thought. Got absolutely no sleep. Chose my words carefully, and then the day came. we went to our best friends house to have a quiet place to talk. I finally got myself to get the words out. I said" I feel like I'm losing you babe.. (looking straight into his eyes). " He had nothing to say.. My mind was set. I tore my own heart out. It had to end. I have too much self respect. I ended our 3month relation ship. </3. Feeling broken. I told myself not to cry infront of anyone. But at that moment in time. my eyes poured... I left with a broken heart. But atleast I got myself out of the hole... Before It got too deeP.. I know it sounds like I'm a whiner. But it's just.. If you give your a to someone who won't even give fifty percent. Why stay? Don't stain yourself. No love isn't easy. But... it's all a game. And sadly. If I stayed.I wouldn't have survived. Girls, it may feel perfect,at first. But if you notice a dramatic change, and you don't feel the love from him anymore... Do yourself a huge favor.. Break your own heart. Get out. Find someone who is willing to fix your broken heart, with his<3 # £ove is complicated. It hurts. It sucks. But it gives you,a warm fuzzy accomplished feeling.


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