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Beauty of the Dark

By: LilLoCksea

Page 1, Everything is not as it may seem, so look deeper and find the beauty in the dark that lay just beneath the surface of your skin...everyone has her. This love is forbidden but pure...



Watching torture run through your spine, clearly a creature of beauty and mystery.

i can not compare,thy soul is as pure as Holy water to a demons skin.

No fear can behold me when i enter thy sweet arms of warmth,

speak to me now and you will see that the beauty in the dark is not as gruesome as you'd think,

but as soft and beautiful as human being.

The years keep passing forbidden to pass the bounties our fore fathers hath set.

For if i should trespass those treaties my beauty in the dark would for sure meet her doom.

when the moon rises to its full potential she will be free and i'll meet her at golden clocks tower, for there hath we met for there we depart.

Forever mine you shall be.

we will run to the nearest escape from this walls of doom and hath from there the stars and the moon to guid us home.

On the rocky path we shall start our journey of our new life...

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