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Fighting the sun rise

By: Lobelia89

Page 1, yes aother vampire one if you need more infor read it

I arise at night

to walk to earth

to feed on the youngest of souls

they can not resits my charm

the charm of a Vampire

I take you now and bleed you dry

then find myself another prey

couse im not satisfy buy one

it my take 4 to satisfy me

but don't think me a monster

i don't kill everyone

O no tiss the time

to fight

i can fight anyone that comes in my way but

fighting the sun rise is a different battle

i never win that fight

how i hate it

question how can you injoy living forever

when you cant live at sun rise

yes the night are nice


you can hear everything

every one breath

every one's ha ha well i hear everything

lets leave it at that

but sun rise

can offer a Vampire so much

not just to feed

but to live

more than ever

and to kill those damn Vampire hunters


But tiss time

I lay in my bed or coffin which ever fells right

windows blacked out

as i feel the sun rise

i fall asleep

till another night

of feeding having fun


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