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Golden Ship of Dreams(Avid Reader's Challenge)

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, Golden ship of dreams, carry me to those sweet shores of fantasy.

Golden ship of dreams, carry me,
to those sweet shores of fantasy.
Take to me that place I pray,
where dreams never fade away.
Pray, please take me there,
to that land of never care.


Silver stars that glow so bright,
guide me through this endless night.
Please, listen to this silent prayer,
return me to my homeland fair,
where I might live and love once again,
recapture dreams which might have been.


Moonlight cascading down on me,
Where is that place? Where can it be?
My heart was unwise and now I've found,
this endless silence bears a lonely sound.
I long to journey back once more,
to my homeland's sweeping shore.


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