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Snow White's Darker Side

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, For Angellynn\'s Picture Challenge.


Once upon a new age time
seems it was a perfect crime
and Disney’s little princess
finally came to her senses.
The poison apple that she ate
changed Snow White’s fate.
That tainted, red, deadly food
completely changed her mood.
No more frolicking with the elves.
No more cleaning off those shelves
No more singing Hi Ho Hi Ho.
No more happiness for Snow.
A darker side began to appear
to that darling, our little dear.
She picked a spooky darker cloth
and joined the ranks as a Goth.
Though her beauty became richer
it didn’t quite fit Disney’s picture
of what a true princess should be
so they found the poison apple tree.
She took a bite of that bitter fruit.
She didn’t flinch or give a hoot.
She nodded off and fell asleep
She’s lying there counting sheep.
Her prince he came and gave a look
Her story ends but not like in the book.
He didn’t appreciate the darker side
so he claimed Cinderella for his bride.

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