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Susan's Muse Part II

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, For Zero if the first muse didn\'t help here is her sister, she bites, too!

My Muse is a harpy an old crone, I do say!
She whimpers and screams all through the day
what a horrid soul is she.
Witch with a vengeance and an attitude.
She never says thanks, such ingratitude.
She is always critical of me.

Yet when I think all words are written
by the angry Muse I once more am bitten
and on I write.
Sometimes the midnight hour comes and goes
my lack of much needed sleep oft times shows
in morning's light.

My muse is quite ugly, and doesn't have hair.
She creeps up behind me, she's everywhere
always wanting to play
Awful, dark creature, hell spawned I'm sure
and for her black magic there seems not a cure
to drive her away.

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