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The Weary Knight

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, The knight in this story represents all of us at one time or other.

A weary knight travels on his pale steed named integrity.
He has traveled long and hard across the plains of misery.
His armor of truth once beautiful has now lost its shine
from years of him drinking of sin's dark, heady wine.

He damaged his shield of valor in the mountains of iniquity.
The marks and holes are there where every person can see.
His vestment of honor once brilliant is now bloody and worn
where treachery and debauchery's sharp teeth have torn.

His bright helmet of wisdom now shattered and broken
by lies and deceit and those cruel words he's spoken.
The sword of righteousness which he wielded with power
succumbed to the rust and corrosion of destiny's hour.

All those legends he would recant with such eloquent pride
have vanished and disappeared like the ocean's great tide.
A weary knight travels on his pale steed named integrity
but he was changed by that which we call life's infirmity.

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