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Apocolypse (REE11069266)

Poetry By: REE11069266

Tags: Zombies, Comedy

A short story based on myself and a few friends, This is the first part of it, I am writing a sequel as we speak.

Submitted:Nov 13, 2011    Reads: 14    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Set - Monday morning. School day. 05.45AM October.

Characters - Me, Kirstie Field and Jamies Vincent.

I felt my conscious mind waking up as the clouds in my head cleared. I opened my eyes and grinned a little, I had beaten my alarm clock to it, so it seemed. I pushed the button noiselessly to stop the howling that would have been set off in the precise two minutes that I had succeeded the clock by; then looked to see the light creeping through my blinds, it was dim. Turning over, I found my phone and unlocking it, I found a message from my best friend, Kirstie Field. It read ''Heya hun, passed my BARB test today. One step closer to the army! :D love yeah chick^.^'' I grinned as i read it and then closed my eyes. Something was telling me that something wasn't quite right though. I looked around the room.. Nothing out of the ordinary, I listened for a solid ten minutes... Nothing. 'Wait..' I thought ''I can't hear anything, that's what's wrong. There should be cars driving past outside, sparky old people walking their dogs, the shop across the road, I can't even hear my mum snoring'. I felt something dangerous in my gut, I felt like something was going on and i felt i should check it out but for some reason I felt I needed to keep quiet. I peeked through the blinds and couldnt help but gasp. I saw on overturned lorry, there was half a corpse lying beside it, the face was on its left side against the pavement and when I moved the blinds again, his eye flickered up to look at me. But.. That couldn't be possible, he's quite clearly deceased, now he was moving and my eyes were the size of tennis balls in my head. Could this really be what I think it is? I slowly lowered the blinds to their resting position and immediately dialled Kirstie's number. It rings.. And rings.. I heard her whisper ''Faye?'' and replied 'Kirstie?!' in a lowered voice. 'Are you aware of what is happening out there?' I asked her quietly, ''Yes, I looked out the window but saw nothing, I'm trapped in my room though, my brother is groaning at me from outside my room, he hasn't blinked for two hours'' she replied in an anxious voice. I'd never heard her genuinely afraid of anything before, so she must have been terrified now. I quickly countered as I thought about her problem, I murmured 'Kirstie, is there any way you could get out onto your balcony? I'll be about half an hour but I could come and get you..'. As I listened to her breathe I could practically hear the cogs turning in her brain, finally she answered me whispering ''Okay, half an hour, I'll be on my porch staying away from anything that moves and doesn't speak english''. I warned her to stay very quiet and to keep her voice down when I arrived, mentioning that she should bring anything she wants to keep with her in a satchel or rucksack. Now it was time for me to get to work, my mum was in the next room, I didn't know whether she had been affected by whatever was going on but if she gad and it was like they described in movies then she had to die. But I shouldn't be hastey. I needed to check first. Creeping over to my door I slowly turned the handle, opened it, listened again, there was no sound, so I poked my head round the door and into her bedroom but before I could even get my head round my dog was flying at me, trying to attack me. His mouth was foaming and his eyes were wide with insanity. At first I panicked, but then I realised that panic would kill me so I grabbed Hal by the throat and snapped his neck in five different directions, opened the window and threw him out of it. If the hard concrete didnt finish him off, I would when I left the house. I looked round to see my mum standing there, I knew instantly that it wasn't her though. I thought about all the things that would never leave this house and my rage flew inside me, so picking up my lilac lamp off the bedside table, I smashed the bulb and sank the sharp edged glass deep into her neck. Blood coated the walls, her brain dead corpse fell to its knees and choked on the blood spilling up and out of its mouth. I threw the make-shift weapon aside and stepped over her body. I needed to stop and think, but I was so restless, never before had it dawned on me that it was up to me to take matters into my own hands. But there's a first time for everything, I reminded myself. I was far too shocked to wash the blood from my hands and body, I put some clothes on and brushed sticky red liquid through my hair. I caught sight of the car keys and picked them up. Unlocking the front door I picked up a kitchen knife and went outside to embrace some more bloodshed. I wasn't prepared for the smell.. It was horrible. 'I'm going to smell like that soon' I realised, realising also, that strangely, that type of thing no longer bothered me. I walked over to the half-intact corpse and said 'I don't know if you're capable of anything, but I've decided I'd rather not take chances'. I looked at what seemed to be a diseased human and it looked back at me with hungry eyes as it tried to start moving toward me. I bent down and severed its head. 'If decapitation doesn't do it, I don't know what else will' I thought. I texted Kirstie to let her know what what happening and told her I would bring her a weapon of sorts. I looked around but I couldn't see and other human like things or human beings wandering around, I listened but I could hear nothing. I supposed that those were the two most likely things at this stage. I found the other half of the man I had decapitated and the corpse of my dead dog. Walking back into the house I grabbed a bag, filled it with non-perishable foods and anything else I thought may be useful. I found a baseball bat in the garage and set it into the backseat of the car, I chucked out all the useless crap in the boot and brought out the jerry cans and threw them into the back seat along with everything else. I took 12 2 litre ready bottled water that we had in the shed along with three more jerry cans, a first aid kit, last minute grabbing my laptop and all the charging equipment for my phone and any other electrical appliances, a small bag of clothes too. I then texted Kirstie saying 'I'm coming for you. Be ready'. I turned the key in the ignition, put the car in reverse, took it out onto the road and worked my way up the gears so I could fly up the Gilford Road at eighty miles an hour. I looked around, there was no traffic, it was deserted. 'Is everyone dead?' I wondered to myself. 'well, Kirstie isn't, there must be others out there..'.When I arrived at Kirstie's she was running laps away from her now infected brother. I opened up the passenger side door and to her terrified eyes and shouted like sergeant Swan 'Get your sorry ass into this car, and slam it in his face in the process won't you?'. She followed orders. I didn't wait for her to shut the door, I just drove. It was a few minutes before either of us spoke. Kirstie broke the silence with a question I knew to expect. ''What the hell is going on?!'', I turned and looked at her with a frank expression and said 'I don't know, but from what I can gather, something either in the food or passed on by blood mixing has caused humans and animals to change, become infected with some sort of disease.. Some sort of virus. We, as cadets could not have been affected because we were completely isolated this weekend on field-craft'. 'So we need to figure out our first move' I thought to myself. I looked ahead at the road and saw an immense traffic blockage, so thinking fast I took a cross country route. 'Hold onto your ass Kirstie, this is going to be bumpy' I warned her. I watched the bonnet as I had never seen it before, rising with the ridiculously unsteady fields I had been forced to divert to. I had turned up the radio, I knew music would calm Kirstie down, but it was messed, so I stuck a CD into the player and put on one of my favourite songs by Alice cooper - Schools out. The blockage on the road had cleared and so I swerved back onto it and it wasn't long before we came across a small crowd of people wandering around, a few were kneeling on the ground and I struggled to see what they were doing. turning the music off I pushed a little on the brakes and crept closer to the crowd for a better look and to ask the people what their plans were. As we got closer I realised that the kneeling figures were eating. One had its arm elbow deep in the gut of a dead woman, her intestines shrewn onto the concrete beside her, I quickly swerved the car away from the gruesome scene, Kirstie protested ''Wait! There could be a normal person there somewhere! We should go and help'' and even as she said this I was already putting the pedal to the metal. I made a point of driving faster and after seeing how Kirstie flinched as my foot steadily pushed harder on the accelerator I tried to reassure her by saying 'You do want to get away from those things don't you?' to which she replied with a nod, so I continued 'Then I must drive faster. We're going to Banbridge. Call Jamie'.I was half terrified that he might be gone too but he answered the phone, I switched on the bluetooth so we could hear him more clearly and that's when the shock realy set in and I had to slow down a little.''Hey, Jamie, you alright?'' Kirstie managed, Jamie replied ''Kirstie, who is with you? I can hear a car in the background, are you driving? What is happening? If it's what I think.. God I had prepared for this day but I never actually thought it would come!.. Not in my lifetime anyway''. I replied swiftly 'James we know, I'm just glad you're still normal, wait... Are you safe? (Strange groans are heard through the bluetooth) Don't bother answering that one, what's it like down there? We're already on our way, be ready Jamie, we're coming to get you'. At this Jamie nearly shouted down the phone saying ''NO!. You mustn't come here, it's swarming with them, I haven't found anyone that isn't taken by whatever it is that has broken out''. I turned another corner and saw a sign which read 'Welcome to Banbridge' and said 'Too late James.. We're already here'.


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