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Nature's Life

By: Rhensis

Page 1, ***Won joint first place in Angellyn\'s contest, thanks so much:)*** Life goes on, everywhere, for nature, as well as humankind...

Lauren Fletcher
Coundon, Coventry, West Midlands, England


Shimmering blue waves crashed against the sand,
Sand that burned a bright gold, mimicking the sun.
Shells were thrown against the rocks,
Rocks that were indented and crumbling from years of abuse.

Bold emerald trees sparkled in the sunlight,
Sunlight that warmed the cruellest of hearts.
Vines twisted in and out of cracks and crawled along the roof of a cave,
A cave long forgotten...

A thick blanket of fog rolled in slowly, dulling the sky,
A sky that had once been a gem to behold.
Large drops of rain fell though the salty air,
Air that was whipped around by viscous and persistent winds.

A perfect circle of golden bliss shone through the clouds,
Clouds that began to part, intimidated by the pure light above them.
Life began to reawaken; multicoloured birds began their harmonious song,
Birds that had witnessed the pure miracles of life.

Centuries of youngsters had made happy memories in the cave,
Only to move on, forgetting the vines and simple pleasures.
These times of despair pass slowly, in an ever continuing cycle,
Until new children awaken, and claim the beach for their own.

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