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Who is Autumn?

By: Rhensis

Page 1, ***Won 3rd place in Fantasy Writer\'s contest! Thanks so much:)*** Autumn\'s story. This will change how you think of the seasons forever

Lauren Fletcher
Coundon, Coventry, West Midlands, England


People whispered the unappreciated name,
Never realising who would hear it,
Not understanding that this was not a game,
Autumn lived and breathed among them all...

Children joyfully skipped amongst the amazing colours,
So happy that they were once again able to see their friends,
Picking and delighting at the new conkers,
Autumn watched and smiled at them all...

Her orange hair flew and danced with the wild wind,
While her pale skin was only occasionally seen,
But she was always there, the scenes keeping her pinned,
Watching her siblings one by one take over the world...

When Halloween came, she danced with the mystery,
Laying traps was her own Halloween fun,
Cackling mischievously at the delinquents approaching the haunted abbey,
The fright that awaited them would scar them for life...

he ghost of the abbey turned the face them,
Shackled and chained to the dining table,
The image before them was impossible, the work of a poem,
But the siblings of the ghost enlightened them otherwise...

Spring pranced toward them, her ghostly veil flying behind her,
Summer’s hair bore flowers galore, and her step was infused with elegance,
While winter, wrapped up warm, walked slowly and fiddled with her hair and anger.

Autumn was different.
She was patient, and waited for the boys to approach her,
To realise how her death had come to be,
How her family was murdered mercilessly in the dead of night,
And how they now took out their rage on the rest of the world.

Forever the world’s seasons would last.

Forever its inhabitants would moan.

Forever the weather would be a torment delivered by an infuriated family...

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