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By: thumblina

Page 1, My teddy bear came live Its a fictional poem Please read and leave your comments Thank you

As everyday I tucked myself in my bed

Spoke to my teddy bear and told him a story

He is really fluffy and pink in colour

I Kissed him on his forehead

Hugged him and slipped to slumber

And something unbelievable happened

He hugged me back and rubbed my cheek and smiled

He said honey!!iam always here for you

You will never be alone

I heard to all your happy and sad stories

You always kept me warm now its my turn

So when ever your sad or happy and want me

Just whisper in my ears and I will come alive and

We can talk to each other and enjoy life

Even I want to tell you a lot

I want to tell you about my lady love

So you know that miracles can happen

this is the best gift that anyone can give

love you "TEDDY"

So this is how I got my teddy bear alive

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