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By: thumblina

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"Welcome to Rainbowland"

Today was one of the most boring mondays

I planned to go to sleep early,as I hit the pillow

I was out in seconds

I got up and was suprised

To get up in this land of

Purple grass,it had trees

With blue branches and

Golden flowers and

orange leaves,I rubbed

my eyes and was stunned

I pinched my self to wake

Myself from my slumber

But I was really there in


It was amazing,they were

Pink cows,red pigs,

Green rabbits,but

One "Purple pony"

Caught my eye she  was a

Very cute purple pony

She was standing on her

Rare Legs and was

Playing the piano and

was singing merrily

I couldn't  stop rubbing my

eyes and I named my new

Pony "Pearlhorsie"

We had a lot of fun together

We ate a lot of strawberrys n rasberrys

With crushed ice n pinapple sundae

We also built a mushroom and jellybean

House so that I can stay in it

I love this place and have applied for

Citizenship in " Rainbowland"

there's no lonliness here  but

Beautiful nature and candies,

Chocolates,cakes,milkshake slides

Please do comment if you want a

Citizenship in this stress free land

I can help u get a pet of your own too


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