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Faerest Characters

By: FantasyDragon

Page 1, The title is self explanatory :P haha

Holy sh!t you guys! This was hard! It was hard to find the characters I was picturing in my head :P I hope you guys like them! If there's one you don't like let me know and maybe let me know how you pictured that character. Hope you enjoy though! I put a lot of effort into finding these guys for you!!


Min Monroe

(Megan Nicole)

Clara and Todd Monroe

Gillian White

(Richelle Mead)

Beylie Knox

(Ryan Newman)

Sommer Mills

Nix Bryant

Graysen Katcher

(Austin Butler)

Alec Wilden

(Jayy Von Monroe)

Luca Huss

(Octave Marchina)

Misty Grey

(Emma Watson)

Erik and Matt Dykster

(Paul Wesley)

Jayk Chrome

(Chase Ellison)

Annabelle Leigh

(Ashley Benson)

Ryker Daae

Oh my gosh I can't believe I actually found him!! YAAAAAAY!

Laurren Tereni

(Ian Somerhalder)

Marie Tereni

(Nina Dobrev)

Zachery Lo

(Leonardo DiCaprio)

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