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Wild Heart - Scene 1

By: Fox Fever

Page 1, A script of Wild Heart, scene 1.

Scene 1


A tropical scene


Zayn: This grass tastes funny.


Amy: Really? I didn't notice.


Gary: He's right, it does taste a bit unusual.


Ellie: Well, of course. Does it perhaps taste like snow? *munches happily on a leaf*


Zayn: Yes, just a little bit.


Amy: That's not true. It's a lot - I can feel it tingling on my taste buds!


Ellie: The arctic fox has been approaching here.


All: Arctic fox?


Ellie: Oh yes, believe it or not. The arctic fox once lived down South, but he got took away on a big Scottish ship to stay at our nearby zoo! It must of escaped again.


Gary: Again? You mean, he escapes a lot?


Ellie: You know, animals don't get put in old-fashioned cages anymore. Today, they get put in fancy habitats with palm trees, and stuff like that! It's easy to escape! It happened to me once, too. Can't blame myself, really.


Zayn: We need to find out more about this "arctic fox" guy. *grins in thoughtfulness* We should track him down!


Ellie: *giggles cheekily* I can't argue with enthusiasm like that! 


Amy: But how do you know that it's actually a boy?


Zayn: What do you mean?


Gary: You kept saying "he".


Zayn: What?!


All: Oh, Zayn!







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