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Princess of Goryeo

By: pazoualee

Page 1, A war between Goryeo (Korea) and Yuan (china) has been going on for 5 years and the only way to stop it is have the princess of Goryeo (Eun Soo) marry the prince of Yuan?! But a unexpected forbidden love forms when the captain of Yuan Wu Seo Young protects her.


Goryeo (korea) 
Yuan (china)
Main characters
Lee Eun Soo (princess of Goryeo)
Wu Seo Young ( Captin of of Yuan's army and guards the prince of Yuan)
Kim Ji Seok (Prince of Yuan also Eun Soo's Fiancee)
Go An Youn (doctor who falls for Wu Seo Young after he saves her)
King Lee Gong Mik (Eun Soo's dad and king of Goryeo) 
Queen Lee Min Ha (Eun soo's mom and Queen of Goryeo) 
King Kim Hwa Ta (Ji Seok's dad and king of Yuan) 
Queen Kim Soo Ju (Ji Seok's mom and Queen of Yuan) 
Kim Deok Da (sister of Ji Seok)
Seo Kim Chal ( servant of Eun Soo)
Jol Ja Jin ( Seo Young's best friend) 
Park Mik-Gok (King of Yuan's Misstress) 
Yoon Ju-wok (Eun Soo's best friend) 
court lady shin 
consular han 
solider #1 ( joon won) 
solider #2 ( Baek Kim)
solider #3 ( Choi Wo) 
Ha Ji Soo (Deok Da's Lover)
Shin Bia
Yoo Baek 
Jo Gah-Yun 
A war started against Goryeo and Yuan. Five years has past and the war still did not end. One day a meeting was held. 
Consular Han: Your majesty the war is getting worse
King Gong Mik: i know 
Consular Han: your majesty i have an idea to stop the war
King Gong Mik: what is it please tell me
Consular Han : your daughter has to wed with their son...the prince of Yuan
King Gong Mik: What? what are you talking about? 
Consular Han: we can stop the war by having your daughter marry their son
King Gong Mik: Are you crazy! she is my only daughter i'm noting going to let her marry the enemy they might even put her in prison 
Consular Han: your majesty! please think about it 
King Gong Mik: [sighs] let me think about it 
later that night
King Gong Mik: This might be the only way
Queen Min Ha: The only way! handing over my daughter to t-those...monsters is the only way to stop this war? 
King Gong Mik: Yes it might be the only way
Queen Min Ha: she's only 17! 
King Gong Mik: you were 16 when we got married 
Queen Min Ha: that...
King Gong Mik: I know i dont want to do this to but if it can stop the war then i'm willing to do it
Queen Min Ha: [sigh] 
morning comes and everyone is essabled to the meeting room 
{king and queen comes in and sits on their throne} 
{all bow} 
King Gong Mik: we have made a decision 
Consular Han: yes your majesty what is your decision?
Queen Min Ha: We have decided that Eun Soo will be wedded to the Prince of Yuan
{all of the consulars and sholoars appauled with joy} 
Eun Soo: WHAT! what are you saying 
Kim Chal: yes princess that is what i've heard 
Eun Soo: Marriage to the prince of Yuan! Are they crazy?!
Kim Chal: yes i know princess but what can we do?
Eun Soo: i don't know....AH! i know let's run away!
Kim Chal: run away!? no way if we do that i'll be punish for not stopping you
Eun Soo: okay then you stay and i'll go
Kim Chal: princess~ we can't do that!
Eun Soo: sorry! 
{ties up Kim Chal and packs, then runs out}
King Gong Mik: WHAT! she ran away!
court lady Shin: yes your majesty 
King Gong Mik: find her at once!
court lady Shin: yes your majesty
Court Lady Shin: everyone search everywhere we have to find princess Eun Soo before the soliders of Yuan comes and she's not here
{all of the members in the palace} : YES!
Eun Soo is walking down a trail as she steps on a person 
robber: awck
Eun Soo: oh mo i'm sorry
robber: sorry? sorry?! that's all you have to say 
Eun Soo: i...i really am sorry 
robber: give me your wallet!
Eun Soo: no this is all i have!
robber: give it now
Eun Soo: no! {push the robber and runs}
{robber runs after and grabs Eun Soo's shirt} 
{a man(Seo Young) grabs the robber who is holding Eun Soo's shirt} 
robber: Ahhhhh let go!
Man(Wu Seo Young): mugging a lady in the moring do you not know shame
robber: awwwhhhh sorry sorry just let me go!
{man(Wu Seo Young) let's go of robber}{robber runs away}
Eun Soo: thank you for saving me 
Man(Wu Seo Young): you two were being so noisy that it was distrubing my nap
Eun Soo: what? your pretty handsome but that attitude is so bad 
Man(Seo Young): go be annoying somewhere else
Eun Soo: ha!~ fine whatever 
{Eun Soo walks away}{Seo Young watches as Eun Soo walks away}
Back at the palace 
King Gong Mik: did you guys find her yet?
court lady Shin: no your majesty
King Gong Mik: Well find her!
court lady Shin: yes your majesty
Queen Min Ha: please find her 
court lady Shin: yes your majesty
{court lady Shin leaves and the king and queen are alone}
King Gong Mik: Min Ha what should we do?
Queen Min Ha: i don't know Gong Mik 
King Gong Mik: hm...i think i know someone who can find her
Queen Min Ha: who?
King Gong Mik: Yoon Ju-wok 
Queen Min Ha: Yoon Ju-wok?
King Gong Mik: Yoon Ju-wok is her best friend 
Queen Min Ha: then let's find her 
King Gong Mik: i'll have them deliver a letter to her telling her to find Eun Soo before tomorrow afternoon 
Queen Min Ha: are you sure that she can find her?
King Gong Mik: yes if i remember corretly she was a warrior for Goryeo when she was the age of 14
Queen Min Ha: 14? that's so young i hope she is able to find her
{birds chripping}
Eun Soo: WaHHH!~ feels so good!
{someone grabs Eun Soo}
Eun Soo: AHHH!!! 
Ju-wok: it's me 
Eun Soo: oh mo you scared me to death you know that
Ju-wok: hahaha you know your causing alot of trouble 
Eun Soo: where? at home?
Ju-wok: why did you do this?
Eun Soo: because they were going to force me to marry the prince of Yuan
Ju-wok: t-the Prince?! 
Eun Soo: yes that's why i ran away from home 
Ju-wok: [sighs] sorry 
Eun Soo: what?
{Ju-wok grabs Eun Soo and carries her} 
Eun Soo: ahhh what are you doing your a girl!
Ju-wok: so are you
Eun Soo: let me go! Ju-wok~
Ju-wok: sorry the king and queen ask me to bring you back home
{at the palace} 
King Gong Mik: What were you thinking?
Eun Soo: [sigh] dad i don't want to get married
Queen Min Ha: i know...but it's the only way to stop the war 
Eun Soo: stopping the war?
King Gong Mik: yes 
Eun Soo: so if we do this the war would stop right?
King Gong Mik: yes 
Eun Soo: {looks at her hands} okay i'll do it
Queen Min Ha: Eun Soo if anything ever happens to you don't be afaid to come back to mom okay 
Eun Soo: okay
King Gong Mik: no that will just start up the war again so if anything ever happens just tell Kim Chal and she'll tell us 
Eun Soo: Kim Chal's going with me?!
Queen Min Ha: yes she is 
Eun Soo: ...that's good... 
later that day the Yuan soliders came 
Kim Chal: i heard that the captin of Yuan was really handsome! 
Eun Soo: ugh i don't care i just want to get there and just get it over with 
Kim Chal: aren't you mad that he's not going to pick you up himself?
Eun Soo: of course i'm mad 
{ knock knock knock}
court lady #1: they are here 
Eun Soo: okay i will come when i'm done dressing 
Court lady #1: yes princess 
{walking out of the door of Eun Soo's room and into the meeting room where the soliders await her arrival}
Seo Young: asihh what is taking her so long i'm tried
Baek Kim: but captin you slept for 2 straight days
Seo Young: that's why i'm so tried, i didn't get enough sleep 
{Eun Soo Enters}
Solider #1 (Joon Won): wow she's beautiful 
Solider #2 (Baek Kim: she is that's what i'd expect from the princess of Goryeo
Solider #3 (Choi Wo): yep same here 
Wu Seo Young: Shut up! we are here to escourt her to the Prince
Joon Won: okay okay i know 
Choi Wo: you don't have to be in such of a bad mood already 
{all of the soliders bow down}
Seo Young: I am Wu Seo Young Captin of Yuan's Army 
Eun Soo: let me see your face...
Seo Young:...{rises to meet Eun Soo face to face}
Eun Soo: AH!~
Seo Young: AH!~
Eun Soo: your the man who saved me from the robber
Seo Young: your the annoying girl!
Eun Soo: im not annoying!
Seo Young: i mean your the princess of Goryeo 
Eun Soo: of course i am why? 
Seo Young: noting 
{King and queen walks in}
King Gong Mik: ah i see you have met our daughter 
Seo Young: yes your majesty 
Queen Min Ha: sorry if she is being rude to you 
Seo Young: no..she's not being rude at all
King Gong Mik: then i trust you with the care of our daughter 
Seo Young: yes your majesty 
{king and queen leaves}
Eun Soo: yes your majesty~ 
{Seo Young glares at Eun Soo}
Eun Soo: what?
Seo Young: noting lets just hurry up and go
{walks to the gate of the palace}
Eun Soo: what is that?
Joon Won: this is your carriage 
Baek Kim: yes your majesty we have to be able to protect you 
Choi Wo: i'll help you get in 
Seo Young: your so slow!
{grabs Eun Soo and carries her to the carriage}
Eun Soo: ahhh!~ let me down 
Seo Young: okay 
{drops Eun Soo to the ground}
Eun Soo: owww! i said let me down not drop me!
Seo Young: just hurry
Eun Soo: [hmph] {goes into the carriage and rides away}
{in a forest}
Eun Soo: so how long does it take to get the Yuan?
Joon Won: well about 2 days
Eun Soo: 2 days? so are we going to rest anywhere?
Joon Won: well...i don't know it's up to the captin if he wants to rest
Eun Soo: oh i see
Seo Young: what's taking so long?
Eun Soo: noting!
{then a loud noise comes}
Eun Soo: AH!~
Seo Young: protect the princess!
{a group of rebel soliders come out of the forest and surrounds the soliders of Yuan}
Seo Young: what are you doing?
rebel 1: were going to kill the princess AGH!
{rebels charge at them}
Choi Wo: CAPTIN! you have to get the princess out of here!
Seo Young: i'm not leaving you guys behind 
Baek Kim: you have to or else the princess won't be safe
Seo Young: [grunts] {pulls Eun Soo out of the carriage}
Eun Soo: what's this? what's going on?
Seo Young: princess hold on tightly 
Eun Soo: what?! 
Eun Soo: AHHH!~~~~ slow down i'm falling down!
Seo Young: you won't if you stop moving!
Eun Soo: AH!!! {grabs Seo Young's waist and holds tight}
Seo Young: Hyigh!~
{night falls and they stop to rest}
Seo Young: here [throws blanket at Eun Soo]
Eun Soo: AISH!~ it smells don't you ever wash it?
Seo Young:'s been about a week since it's been wash and we have been using it since we came to pick you up 
Eun Soo: no wonder it smells
Seo Young: don't want it?
Eun Soo: no no i do thank you
Seo Young: wow i didn't know that you can say thank you [chuckles]
Eun Soo: what? ha!~ your funny 
Seo Young: wait here okay i'll go and find some thing for you to eat
Eun Soo: okay 
{Seo Young walks away to find food}
Seo Young: what?
{Eun Soo runs behind Seo Young and hides}
Eun Soo: some...somethings behind there...
Seo Young: what? there's noting
Eun Soo: no i mean it it moved!
Seo Young: sure~
Eun Soo: just check it out 
Seo Young : [sigh] okay...see i'm going 
{walks over to the bush and checks}
Seo Young: see noting's there
{a dog comes out}
Eun Soo: AH!~ 
{grabs onto Seo Young's arm}
Seo Young: [chuckles] it's just a dog
Eun Soo: i-i know that {lets go of Seo Young's arm} 
{walks over to the dog  and grabs it}
Eun Soo: hey little guy what are you doing?
{Seo Young walks over and grabs it}
Seo Young: hm...we can cook him 
Eun Soo: NO!~ it's my friend
Seo Young: what?
Eun Soo: i've decided to name him
Seo Young: what? name him?
Eun Soo: yes his name will be Sa-rang
Seo Young: Sa-rang?
Eun Soo: yes that fits him
 Seo Young: so i'm guessing we cant eat him right
Eun Soo: yes if you do i'll make sure that you get punished
Seo Young: [sigh] okay i'll find something stay put okay
Eun Soo: okay 
{Seo Young walks to find food}
Eun Soo: Sa-rang....he's mean but nice...he's handsome but mysterious...i don't know what this feeling is...this feeling of comfort...
Seo Young: Hey i'm back...what are you doing?
Eun Soo: AH!~ hahahaha noting i'm just um...kissing Sa-rang! 
Seo Young: [PFT] hahahaha 
Eun Soo: [smiles] don't laugh! 
{put Sa-rang on the floor}
Seo Young: I have dinner 
{pulls out a live bunny}
Eun Soo: that's a bunny?
Seo Young: yea were going to eat it 
Eun Soo: no! give it to me!
Seo Young: no what are we going to eat then?
Eun Soo: find something else 
{Seo Young puts the bunny up}{Eun Soo tries to grab the bunny}
{there face get's really close}{looks at each others eyes} 
Eun Soo: ah....sorry 
Seo Young: sorry here {hands the bunny to Eun Soo} i was kidding i thought you might like it so i brought it for you 
Eun Soo: really? 
Seo Young: I caught two fish {pulls out fishes}
Eun Soo: OH!~ I want the big one!~
Seo Young: no your a girl you have to eat the little one
Eun Soo: hmph...I princess of Goryeo commands you to give me the give one 
Seo Young: [chuckles] okay i'll start cooking it 
Eun Soo: do you think that they... that there okay....
Seo Young: they will be okay i was there trainer
{after putting the fire up Seo Young cooks the fish and looks and Eun Soo who is sleeping with Sa-rang and the bunny}{Seo Young reaches out his hand but stops half way and pulls it back}
Morning comes and Eun Soo wakes up 
{looks around and see's Seo Young sleeping on the other side of the fire place}
Eun Soo:{walks over to Seo Young looks at his face} (he' nice to it because i'm going to be their queen...) 
Seo Young: what are you doing?
Eun Soo: AH~!! you scared me!
Seo Young: I should be the one who's scared 
Eun Soo: hahaha you think that i would do something to you?
Seo Young: i don't know 
{Seo Young hears footsteps}
Seo Young: princess get your stuff were going
Eun Soo: why? what's wrong?
Seo Young: it's not safe here anymore let's go 
Eun Soo: okay 
{grabs the blanket and grabs the bunny and sa-rang}
Seo Young: leave them here 
Eun Soo: no they might get killed 
Seo Young: [sigh] princess 
Eun Soo: please?
Seo Young: here let's hide them here okay i'll come back for them when i know it's safe
Eun Soo: okay 
{hides sa-rang and the bunny inside of a tree trunk} {get's on the horse and rides away}
Seo Young: HYIGH!~ 
rebels: STOP! 
Seo Young: HYIGH!~
rebels: NOW!
{arrows shot out at them}
Seo Young: *gasp* {blocks princess} UWAHG!
Eun Soo: are you okay?!
Seo Young: i'm okay here hold the rings 
Eun Soo: eh?! oh! okay 
{Seo Young grabs bow and arrows and shots at the rebels}
rebels: UGH!
rebels 2: ACK!
rebels 3: WAH! 
rebels: don't let them escape!
Eun Soo: are you okay?
Seo Young: princess just keep going straight you'll see the gate to get into Yuan 
Eun Soo: EH?! what about you?
Seo Young: my misson is to get you to the palace...
Eun Soo: wait don't i...
{Seo Young Jumps off the horse}
Eun Soo: promise me you'll come back!
Seo Young: {smiles} i promise...
{Eun Soo rides away looks back at Seo Young who is defending of the rebels}{tears fall from Eun Soo's face} 
Eun Soo: HYIGH! 
{Eun Soo arrives at the palace}{jumps off horse and runs into the building}
Eun Soo: HELP!~ HELP!~
servant: what is wrong?
Eun Soo: where is the prince?
servant:who are you?
Eun Soo: i'm princess of Goryeo please i need your help 
{Seo Young is fighting the rebels}
Seo Young: *grunts*ha heya 
Rebel: die!~
Seo Young: *ugh!* {seo young get's stab in the stomach}
rebel: now your going to die {rises his sword} ughhhhh
soliders from Yuan comes out and helps seo young 
Eun Soo: SEO YOUNG!~ are you okay?! SEO YOUNG!{tears fall}
Seo Young: princess...........{faints}
Eun Soo: SEO YOUNG!~
soliders carry seo young into the infarmiy and sets him on the table 
Eun Soo: doctor can you save him? can you?
doctor Go An Youn: i...i don't know 
Eun Soo: you have too!
An Youn: i'll see if i can 
Eun Soo: please you have to {tears fall} 

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