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Midnight's Dawn/ part 2

Script By: uluvme2dou

Whatever was not included in the first half is included here.

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Julia-Yea, well if you treat this piece of paper like you did to Karin, I don't think so. (No comments) It seems. (Holding back tears) It seems she was trying to save us, warn us....... I knew this already, why didn't I take her and leave?...This note is telling us she had overheard their plans to kill us.... or eat us and she was going to tell us. She new.... they new.... that's why they killed her. (Julia stands up crumpling the paper.) I'm going to my room.
Cop 1-Please let me come with you. Who knows what these .... people-
Cop 1-What she said. who knows what these vampires could do to you.
Julia-NO I'll be fine! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! (runs off stage right)
Cop 2-wow, she has some attitude problems.
Kelly-Well no wonder. you treated her friend like she was a puppet..... and I think that will be the first and last time I'll ever see her cry.
Cop 2-do you know her?
Kelly-Not that well, why?
Cop 2-Just need the information. So how many of you are in this house right now?
Kelly-There are...err well was five of us but well...
Cop 2-Do you know where they all are?
Kelly-they are probably all in their rooms resting or something. (Miranda and Charity walk in stage middle and both girls gasps)
Charity-what happened?
Cop 1-It appears there are serial killers ... no vampires in this house, and it is our duty to get you out of here.
Miranda-Oh boy, what gave you that idea?
Cop 2-We know it is different.... actually it's insane, but that's all there is to it. Everything points to that.
Miranda-What kind of superficial things are you being taught these days?
Cop 1-It doesn't matter. right now, the only thing that matters is getting you all out of here.... (Miranda is lightly kicking Karin's body.
Miranda-Hey, wake up. Stop tricking us and wake up.
Kelly-Miranda... she's not going to wake up.
Miranda-But she has to..... she will I know she will (Miranda looks up and everyone shakes their heads)then what do we do? There are serial killers.
Cop 1-Vampires..
Miranda-Uh right, vampires. there are vampires in this house and they want to eat us. Were going to die here!
Charity-Panicking won't help us. so lets just think about it for a seconed. take a deep breath. (Everyone takes a deep breath)
Kelly-how is this supposed to help? How are we supposed to stay calm in a place like this now?
Cop 1-We leave of course. Simply through the door of course. (He walks over to the door.) Hey it won't open! the door knob is jammed. (The cop walks back in, holding a door knob) Well.... uh....oops.(Miranda go's to try to open on it, banging and kicking on it.)
Charity-We might as well give up. There is no way we can get out now.
Kelly-Alright, let's calm down.
Miranda-We're all going to die now. How are we going to live?
Kelly-I said be calm.
Cop 2-She's right, we all need to stay calm, are there any other exits?
Charity-I'm not sure..... Julia was the only one to take time to look around the entire place.
Cop 2-Then where is her room.... she could very well be the person to save us all.
Charity-I don't know.... should we split up?
Kelly-No, I know where her room is.
Cop 1-Then show us where it is. We need to get out of here.
Act three starts in the dungeon with Alexandru and Stellion looking at weapons.
Alexandru-Now let me go over this plan again.
Stellion-Aw, common, I know it now. You've been telling it to me for the last little while.
Alexandru-Ok, then what is it?
Stellion-Uh.....sorry I forget.
Alexandru-Geez! You're so annoying. Why can't you listen for once.
Stellion-I do listen.... I just forget some of the times.
Alexandru-You mean all the time, right?
Stellion-I remember something's.
Alexandru-Yea, like when's feeding time. But you never remember the important stuff.
Stellion-Fine whatever. What's the plan again?
Alexandru-Alright, I'll tell you one.... more... time. When We fine Julia were going to attack her, then we're going to tie her up and bring her down here. After that, will tie her to one of those tables and then we kill her. got it?
Stellion-Uh... yep, I got it.
Alexandru-Alright, then what's the plan.
Stellion-Whatever you just said.
Alexandru-Alright, I guess will go with that. Wait, what's that? Someone is coming. We need to hide. (Alexandru and Stellion hide under one of the tables. Julia walks in)
Julia-I swear, those vampires are going to pay. Killing Karin, who do they think they are. (Karin walks around saying things about which weapon would kill them.) Vampires need to be slashed to pieces, and then the pieces need to be burned. They aren't effected by garlic, or light, and they can't be killed by a crucifix. That stuff isn't even true... I need, something sharp, something like.... this. (Picks up a sword from the wall. )This is perfect. (Alexandru sneezes from underneath the table)
Stellion-Oh great Alex, now she knows were here.
Alexandru-Would you shut up? If anything she's going to hear you!
Stellion-No she will here you!
Alexandru-Nuh uh!
Stellion-Uh huh! (Two continue on a couple times. Julia how ever is walking over to the table and picks up the sheet that covers it.)
Julia-Hello. (Julia is holding the sword pointing at the two of them, the two guys slowly get out putting their hands up.
Alexandru-Told you she would here you!
Julia-Actually it sounded like you were the one who sneezed.
Alexandru-Oh that wasn't me, it was the dust bunny.
Stellion-Alex, you're so funny. That was you silly.
Alexandru-Quiet you little brat.
Julia-Why did you kill her?
Alexandru-Kill who?
Julia-Don't play dumb with me. Karin, my friend.
Alexandru-Oh her. Marcel would have done that.
Julia-The stinky guy?
Alexandru-Yes the stinky guy. He picked her.
Julia-Then where is he?
Alexandru-Don't know, don't care. all I know is. (Alexandru lowers his hands) is that I'm going to kill you, wide mouth, right here, right now.)
Stellion-What about the plan Alex, are we going to tie her down and then stab her.
Alexandru-Well not anymore we won't, because someone told her what we're going to do.
Stellion-Oh.... who was that.
Alexandru-Oh shut up already, I'll handle this you stay put.
Julia-(Points sword at Alexandru's neck.) No, you'll be the one staying put. (Julia starts pushing Alexandru into the jail cell.)
Stellion-Oh no you don't. (Stellion lunges at Julia and knocks her down, the sword skids across the room. Julia is squirming Alexandru steps in trying to get Julia to stop squirming.)
Julia-Let go of me you foul demons. (Stellion stops and lets go.)
Stellion-Actually, were neither demon nor human, yet we have some human attributes, so you can't call us a demon.
Julia-Oh what ever. (Julia pushes her leg up to kick Alexandru in the face.)
Alexandru-Ouch my nose.
Stellion-Oh here is a tissue, your nose is bleeding. (Julia takes the time to get up and grab the sword)
Julia- (Starts running to stage right)Sorry, but got to....run?
Adam-Oh you won't be going anywhere.
Anthony-Sorry guys but we came to back you up. I had a sense, you were loosing, am I correct.
Alexandru-Were not loosing, just slacking.
Anthony-doesn't matter. Adam, kill her. you can do with the body as you please. (Adam is about to spring at Julia when A vase hits him. Adam falls down unconscious. The two cops and the girls emerge)
Cop 1-I don't think so. I think it's time we get out of here.
Julia-You followed me?
Cop 2-No we didn't follow you. you were not in your room. Charity gave the only other option where you could be, the dungeon.
Julia-Huh? So she's smart after all.
Charity-Hey, I'm always smart. I'm not that dumb.
Miranda-Actually you are quite absentminded.
Anthony-so maybe you guys are smart, but not smart enough, or fast enough. nor cunning. It's two and a half strong vampires against six very weak humans.
Stellion-Half? Who's the half.
Alexandru-Shush, you are the half. you are smaller and not as stong as me or Anthony.
Stellion-What? I am strong.
Anthony-Quiet Stellion. fine, i'll rephrase it then. Three vampires against six humans. Happy?
Stellion-Yes actually.
Anthony-then quiet.
Kelly-(Charges at Anthony) Take that. (throws a punch but Anthony catches it)
Anthony-See what I mean? humans are weak, and we are strong. (Anthony pushes Kelly to the ground and starts to walk toward the group, so do Alexandru and Stellion.)
Alexandru-Now prepare to be eaten.
Surge-NO GET BACK HERE. (The five others run in stage left followed by Surge. They are running away from Surge. )
Kacy-you snoose you loose.
Maria-Now where are we? (Everyone looks at eachother.)
Kate-Aw, were in the dungeon again.
Sandy-We're going around in circles.
Anthony-SURGE! You havn't cought them yet? I thought I could trust you, but appaently not.
Surge-Sorry Sir. But they all decided to bite me. They seemed to be like vampires them self. They don't have fangs, but it sure feels like it. (Every human leaves the nearest exit)
Anthony-whatever. Looks like we are having a feast. ATTACK...
Stellion-Attack who? Everyone is gone. (Marcel walks in stage right)
Marcel-Oh them, they all left. I opened the gates for the. They are now running for the police cars and their own.)
Anthony-You let them go?
Marcel-Yea, was that a bad thing?
Anthony-Oh for goodness sake. Marcel come here. (Marcel walks over to Anthony.) Now, let me tell you a little thing about the dungeon. I'll show you around. (takes him to the prison cell.) See this? this is where you are going to spend eternety. (Anthony pushes Marcel into the Cell) Come on everone. I'll try to lour a new crew of humans here. Find that Karin girl, maybe she has some blood left in here. and bring out the emergency stack of blood pills. And will someone please get Adam out of here?
Surge-Yes Sir, I will. (Grabs Adam by the feet and drags him off stage right. Everyone leaves stage right. Seconeds pass.)
Marcel-Guys.... i'm sorry..... can I come out now? I promise to behave.... guys?

((Whatever is here is the rest of the play. I couldn't fit everything into the other one so I had to make this one. But hope you enjoyed it. Please do not take this and show it to any drama teacher though. The teachers at school possably will be publishing it for me. I f that happens. i'll be deleting this online. No offense that is.))


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