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Bloodlines Of The Demons

By: Yori Takaki

Page 1, A short list and information gather of Bloodlines for demons. May be turned into a story.

-Strong Demon Bloodline(s)-


Demios Draco- The bloodline of SATAN. Most powerful bloodline of hell. Power over Blue Demon flames and all other demons.

Demios Sithos- The bloodline of Demon Priests. Control over green Demon flames. Known as Witch Flames. The Most powerful doctor-  and magick type demons.

Demios Destro- The bloodline of Demon Knights. Control over White Demon flames. The Most powerful and attack and terror type demons.


-Average Demon Bloodline(s)-


Ici Demios Evo- The strongest Average demon bloodline. Known as the Cursed Bloodline.(Any one in this bloodline is to hunted at all times and killed if caught.) Controls the Element Water and its others.

Famo Demios Evo- The Beast Master Demon Bloodline. Controls the Element Fire and its others.

Erat Demios Evo- The Terror Demon Bloodline. Controls the Element Earth and its others.

Aru Demios Evo- The Winged Demon Bloodline. Control the Element Air and its others.

Magi Demios Evo- The Beast Demon Bloodline. Control Magick and its others.


-Weakest Demon Bloodline(s)-


Cathos, Doig, Vampires, Werewolves, Undead, Imps, Ghouls, Ghosts, Elementals, Greenmen, fairies, and ect.

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