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The Testing Room (an excerpt)

Short story By: afatrat

This is a story idea I had, or at least one chapter of it. Tell me if I should continue it.

Submitted:Aug 3, 2011    Reads: 32    Comments: 8    Likes: 4   

"I have a message for Logan Smith?"

"I am he."

"You are expected in the testing room. When you enter the Hall of Passage, you will meet someone. You are to then cross to the door of the testing room, and they will open it for you. Good luck."

So here he was, standing outside the door of the Hall of Passage, in his leather gear with a pair of broadswords strapped on his back and a bunch of worry on his mind. He took a deep breath, and entered the Hall.


The Hall of Passage was huge, and could easily fit a thousand people in its marble walls. The room was so tall that if you stacked fifty huts on top of each other and stood on top, you still could not touch the ceiling! Phosphorescent veins of fiery red streaked every bit of black marble, creating an almost ominous atmosphere. Logan stepped in, glancing around him.

"Hello." said a feminine echo.

"Um, hello." he replied, spying the woman on the other side of the room, near the other door. He began to walk forward again.

"Stay where you are." said the woman's voice. He heard a creak as the giant doors he had come through banged shut by themselves. She moved to the center of the room. He tried to move forward again.

"I SAID, stay where you ARE!" she said forcefully. "Now, who are you?"

"Logan Smith, warrior, age sixteen."

"Pah! You are no warrior! You are no MAN. You are a mere BOY, playing with forces he knows nothing about! Why should you be TESTED" she spat, "to become a Master, when I can see all over your face how utterly worthless you are! How DARE you claim to be worthy of the title, "warrior", when I could easily beat you myself! I don't see why I should bother letting you in..."

Caught off guard, he gaped at her. Finally he replied, "Alright, then. Who are you?"

She grinned, gesturing at herself. He noticed she was wearing only a black leather half-top, with long off-the-shoulder sleeves and black shorts with rubies studding the bottom edge, and ruby earrings peeking out from under her long ebony hair. She's one good-looking woman, he thought, and apparently well-gifted, as he stared as her chest. He noticed her ruby necklace, also, as his gaze traveled up to see her smirking face.

"I? I am Circe, your Princess. Do not bother kneeling, you will merely waste my time with all your formalities. Also, aren't you here for TESTING, not idle banter? Get to the testing room!"

"Y-yes, M'lady!" he stammered, stepping forward. And landing face-down on the floor.

"I said, get to the testing room!" Circe said, amusedly.

Logan stood up, and tried again. This time, he got three steps before his foot was shot with a bolt of electricity. He cursed.

"Oh, someone's got a dirty mouth. What would your mother say?" she mocked, shaking her head at him as she spun a ball of lightning in her hand.

"Why, M'lady?! Why did you do that?!"

"Because I felt like it. Duel me."


"Duel me."


"Or else I won't open that door..." she replied, extinguishing her lightning and making a short chopping motion at him. BLAM! Logan was seeing stars as what felt like an invisible sledgehammer nailed him in the forehead. He shook his head to clear it.

"I have to take my test!"

"Alright, then!" she said menacingly. "Pick up your number two pencil-" she raised her arms to the side, and two green-glowing soul swords shot into them, "and fill in the bubble! Be sure not to go outside the lines-" she let the swords levitate where they were, bringing her hands smashing together, creating a circle of fire seven feet in diameter around him,"and remember, this is a timed test! DO YOUR BEST!" she cried, and floated her swords into Logan's circle.

"I can't beat your magic! C'mon, I don't have a chance!"

"I will not paralyze you. Just beat me in a sword fight and prove your worth, and I will let you go. Simple."

Yeah, he thought. My broadswords vs. your freaky glowy magical swords. Very simple. He pulled out his swords.

"Oh, and by the way, these are soul swords. Let me show you what they can do..."

One soul sword came at him in a green blur. Logan blocked it, and it retreated next to its partner. But he was suddenly despairing, knowing he could not win. Circe could kill him any time she wanted. She was just playing with him! It was only a matter of time...

Logan's thoughts continued to spiral downward as both soul swords beat him mercilessly with the flats of their blades. They didn't have to to work, but their job was to break his will and test his inner strength, not kill him, plus it was dishonorable to wound/cut an unaware opponent, so beating him would have to do. He did not retaliate, as he was caught up in his own mind.

"You might be wondering what these handy swords do," said Circe, as if she was explaining what the numbers 1 and 1 do if you add them together.

"Well, other than slice things to shreds , and cut your soul from your body as soon as they feel blood, they cause you to despair, as you know. Also, after a while they give you day-nightmares, and when you are your lowest, they give you wonderful visions, so wonderful that you never want them to stop, even as you feel the life being beaten from you, and will do anything in your power to stay there, and kill anyone who tries to stop the swords from finishing you off so long as you are under the soul swords' spell. I guess it's a rather pleasant way to die, at least in the end... I DID so hope that you would be strong enough to overcome those emotions you're having forced on you, but oh well." She shrugged, guiding the swords mentally as the pathetic creature before her whimpered in fear.


She remembered how the whole boring buisness had begun.

The Instructor, who tests warriors to see if they are ready to be Masters, was thinking that the tests were too easy these days and needed a way to make them more...interesting. Well, his Royal Highness the Emperor had said that he could see no way to do so, short of unleashing a whole army on one man, which would be ridiculous. Circe had suggested that she practice her sorcery on the testee, without killing them, of course. If she broke them so they could not fight, then the test would be over. There would have to be some motivation to fight her, because people don't just randomly attack their Princess, but that was easily solved. She and the Instructor planned the whole thing, and then told it to her Father. After pulling some strings, Circe had finally gotten what she wanted.

And now...

TO BE CONTINUED, possibly. This is a sample. If you want the rest of it, TELL ME BELOW. COMMENT. LIKE IT. MAKE OTHER PEOPLE DO THAT TOO! I will NOT continue this if I have too few comments and likes, and/or I have less than TEN READS. So, work with me people! I need answers!!!!

Ps RandomRocker, you can only comment ONCE. ONE comment PER PERSON!


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