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Man In A Room

By: Alexander Mademochorites

Page 1, A man in a room, struggling, going back and forth.


Man In A Room

A man in a room, struggling, going back and forth, not being able to decide whether he wants to go out or stay inside.
The appeal of the outdoors and the familiarity of the indoors.
However, this is no dilemma.
This is a man, afraid of change, afraid of risk.
And at the end of a long line of fears, you see The King.
And it is nothing but a mirror.
A crystal clear mirror, with a golden frame, just hanging from a rope, that's attached to the ceiling of an empty dark room.
And all you have to do, is to cut that rope to forever be rid of it.
But there is no knife, no scissors, no matches.
Just you, and a mirror, in the bowels of nothingness, searching for something to help you.
What that foolish man does not see though, is that he can break the mirror himself.
What a fool.

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