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Kat tell you about how she found out what her name really meant. Some strange thing happen to her and she loves to go looking for trouble

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Not many people knew her name, they all asked her to do their homework for them. She was never talked to much and she didn't have any friends. From watching others she didn't really want any though. She was extremely smart and a lot of people knew that.

I talk about her like she is gone, in a way I guess she is. She is still smart, but she doesn't really show it. If offered she would still do other people's homework, but no one asks her anymore because she has friends now, a lot of them.

How did she become this way though? Well I'm not too sure myself, and I should know, especially when the person we are talking about is me.

At my old school people only talked to me when they had homework that they needed top marks for. They never called me by my name, they usually just shouted "oi" or "hey you". I didn't really mind not having friends though, because when I looked around at the people who did have friends they always seemed upset about something. To me if I had homework to do, or if I had to study for a test, I was normal.

That school was like all the others, no one really cared about school work until it affected their hobbies. My sister always told me that if I was really smart I wouldn't let people use me for my brain. She told me it was wrong to do other people's homework, and I understood this, but I didn't really mind because it is what I liked to do.

I was at that school for three years, and finally, when I turned 16, my family and I moved to the place we live now, Bin Bay. How could such a nice place get such a horrible name?

Bin Bay has always had amazingly green grass. Around everyone's drive ways there were flowers, they were like nothing I had ever seen before. These flowers stood there so beautifully. They seemed to always have the most amazing colors to them, the brightest pinks and blues I had ever seen. I loved it there.

When my family got settled in and I started at this new school it was like being smart was the thing that made me fit in, or so I thought at the time. My sister always seemed to notice things that I didn't. My whole family always used to tell me that I was beautiful. Now when they say those words to me they add "just like the flowers in the drive ways".

When I got home after my first day, my sister sat me down and asked me if I knew why so many people liked me here, when no one seemed to notice me back home. She called the old place home then because that is all she ever knew. When I replied with a no she told me, "you know how all of us tell you how beautiful you are, well people here know what beautiful is, back home no one knew true beauty because they were too busy hiding behind what they knew, cheerleading and football. Because you weren't on those teams they couldn't see your beauty".

I have always thought of myself as plain, normal. Beauty was something that I didn't really care about. I noticed all of the time that the people who obsess over how they look, make themselves look less than what they are. In Bin Bay, however, people who didn't care about their looks seemed to make a lot of friends.

I miss my sister being that person, she used to be kind and loving, now though all she seems to care about is work and going out and getting drunk. She is 19 she passed school last year. I am in my final year of school I am 18 and I know that I'm not who I was back then. I don't focus like I used to on school and I don't care about my grades as much. My parents are always yelling at me to do my homework. I would rather be out with my friends then stuck at home doing schoolwork.

In a way I was right two years ago, sometimes having friends can be annoying, but back then I was missing out on something so good, having no friends was lonely. At this point in my life, two days before my birthday, I didn't know that the minute 12:00am hit things were going to change. I didn't know that I was not normal, so to say. There is a reason I have always been smarter than others of my age, there is a reason that my name is Kat, and there is a reason why my family told me that I am so beautiful every day, even though I didn't think so.

That year when I turned 18 things started happening around me that I couldn't explain. I don't really remember why but I had a fight with my friend, I remember thinking 'I wish I was in my room right now' and before I could step or even move my arm I was sitting on my bed. I got up and walked into the family room where my mother and father were sitting. It was like they knew I was coming. They didn't say anything to me about it though.

The next morning I was looking at a cup of water. I remember moving to my left and it moved with me. I didn't know how but it did. I got up and it followed me, when I stopped looking at it I heard a smash, when I turned to see what it was the glass of water was a puddle of water on the floor with broken glass all through it. I thought it was my fault but I shook that thought out of my head. I am smart enough to know that I didn't make that happen. I giggled to myself and got ready for school.

At school the strange things kept happening. I didn't like the topic that we had to write an essay about, and suddenly my teacher changed his mind to the same thing I was thinking. Actually it was like he stole the words from my head. When I walked down the hall people were doing things that they wouldn't normally do. They were talking to the people that they usually wouldn't talk to. It was like my dream of a perfect school where there were no cliques. 'What is going on?' was all I could think. I got home that afternoon and my parents were sitting in the same place they were when I walked out of my room the day before.

"Mother, Father Can I talk to you" I asked them

"Sure honey" my mother said.

"It's just a lot of things were strange today, it was like a dream, everything was perfect" I said.

"Honey we have something we need to tell you, you may want to take a seat." my mother said

I did as she asked, I sat in a seat just across from them. Our family room was set out for this sort of occasion, allowing them to sit someone down and talk to them. I have seen them do this to my sister but I was never allowed to listen to what they were talking about. It was actually the day after my sisters 18th that they did this to her. I wonder if she had a strange day as well. I remember her yelling 'I'm what?" and then my parents telling her to keep it down so I couldn't hear.

"Honey, you are a witch" my mother said. Ah, now I know why my sister screamed "I'm what", I would to but I am kind of to shocked to.

"I'm a witch, your sisters are witches, although Amber doesn't have her powers yet and she doesn't know" my mother kept going after I didn't say anything. Amber is my younger sister.

"Kat?" my father said after I didn't respond

"Yeah I'm listening" I said calmly

"Your brothers and I are wizards, so we all have powers, though Amber is to young and so is Keith" he continued. My head was spinning. I needed to lie down.

I was in my bed again. I didn't mean to but I guess having powers will be something I have to get used to. I closed my eyes just as my father walked in. He let out a sigh of relief, he closed the door and walked out again, leaving me there to let me get my head around it.

That is how I found out about being a witch, it was strange and unreal. Later after a sleep my mother and father came into my bedroom and told me why my name was Kat. "It's because of how well you can balance on things" they told me. "The reason why you are so beautiful is because that's how you trick people into thinking differently. And the reason you are so smart is so you can out do people" they said. My parents told me that I was special though, because where normally a witch or wizard has only one strength power, I have three. They knew that there was a reason but it was not clear to them why. It is clear now though.

There was a reason why my family had to move to Bin Bay, in every town there are people like us. They are there to protect the mortals from danger and to stop them from seeing things that are from our world.

I fought a dragon in my school gym one night. The place was a wreck it was like a bomb hit it. I can make things do what I want including a dragon. By the time I was done with it though I had it acting like a pet dog. I got rid of it out of mortal sight. Now when I go visit him he wants me to pat him. I fixed the gym before morning so no one knew a thing about it. I got in trouble a few times for manipulating my teachers into giving us the homework I wanted. My parents always had a way of finding out, I don't know how though.

I also fought a demon away from our community hall. It was easy because the demon was male, all it had to do was look at me and it was gone. Beauty really does go a long way. That demon is now a wizard. People think that demons are sprits gone badly but in my world they are really wizards gone bad. All that needs to be done is show them why they need to be good again. Every wizard and witch starts off good, they choose to turn into a demon. Most of the time it's just when they can't take any more of their good life because it isn't so good anymore. Mortals are lucky if they break up with 'the love of their life' they just cry, some wizards or witches turn demon because they break up.

All I have to say is I love the life I live!


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