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Short story

Submitted:May 1, 2013    Reads: 9    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

I heard footsteps walking across the floor of the living room, I looked and nothing was there. I looked outside, it was raining and the rain was hitting the window hard. More footsteps from behind me, I looked still nothing there. Was there a ghost in the house I thought. I looked outside again. A massive storm was going on. The wind was howling and the tree leaves rustled and hail was hitting the house pretty hard. I thought I might have to go to the cellar. So I turned to go to the cellar room, but I saw a ghost in front of me. It wouldn't let me go to the cellar room. The ghost was wearing a white gown with blood splattered all over it, it had no shoes and it had long black and red hair. It looked up at me with its white eyes and was holding a long sword that had blood all over. I backed away but the ghost came closer to me… closer… and closer… and closer… I screamed… lightning flashed and boomed from the outside. I kept backing away but I ended up next to the window… the ghost came closer with the sword and said, "you will die… you will die… and I will drain your blood…. Drain it…… and drain it good…" "no… no!" I shouted. "Draining blood…." said the ghost. "Why me?!" I asked. "Because you killed me!" said the ghost. "I did no such thing!" I said. The ghost stopped a couple inches away from me and looked at me for a long time. I was shaking and shivering. I could see my own breath before my very eyes. The ghost said, "your right… your not the one who killed me…. I am sorry… will you forgive me?" I nodded and the ghost vanished. I sighed relieved. "phew.. that was a close call." I said out loud. I then got up and looked outside… and I saw…. Draining blood… draining blood… the ghost was draining blood from a person whom I never met before… it was a scary thing to watch…. but I could do nothing to stop it… I went outside… and the ghost looked at me again and it dropped the human and it said, "he was the one who killed me… my husband…. He did it! He killed me and now I killed him! Now I am set free! Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she laughed evilly and flew off and vanished. I looked at the man who was dead on the ground in front of me… and I prayed for him and I then buried him… so he could rest in peace. The rain was still pouring, but it felt good……. But for as long as I live… I will never forget the day I was almost killed by a ghost who liked to drain blood….. ........ the end.. or is it?


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