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Short story By: angellynn

This is a rewrite of Little Red Riding Hood. Red is on her way to grandmas house, but soon learns her grandma just wasn't herself. Hey! Everybody has bad days.

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( dabonbette's Modern Day Fairy Tale Contest )

Once upon a time, just the other day. A little girl who we will call "RED", got a phone call from her grandma. She was in need of sugar to bake a pie.

" What kind of pie are you baking grandma? " Red asked in a hungry tone.

" Why, blackberry. Your welcome to stay and eat some Red. " Her tone seemed a little strange and hoarse.

" Are you feeling well grandma, you sound funny? "

" I'm fine. Now bring the sugar, quickly dear. "

Red got the sugar and put it in her backpack. She grabbed her red hoodie, jumped on her bike, and headed for grandmas house.

Red decided to go through the woods instead of the long way around. It was a beautiful day, but the woods were a little dark. Red stopped her bike, and looked around. She could hear the birds chirping in the trees. She smiled and started down the trail.

Soon she came to a squirrel sitting on a stump just up ahead. The squirrel had a nut in his hand, and a sad look on his face.

" Why are you sad, Mr. squirrel? " Red asked him.

" I have this delicious nut, but no sugar to put on it." he cried. " Do you have some in your backpack? "

" Yes ido. But it is for my grandma. She needs it to bake a pie," Red told him sadly.

" I only need a tad," the squirrel batted his big brown eyes.

Red gave the squirrel a tad of sugar, he thanked her and quickly ran off into the woods. She started peddling her bike further into the woods. Soon she came to a bear who was holding a pot, and crying.

She stopped her bike and asked the bear why he was so sad.

" My pot is empty,i have no more honey. I cant go home to my hungry family without any food." His tears were pouring down.

Red felt sorry for the bear, and didn't want his family to go hungry, so she poured some sugar in his pot.

" Add a little water to it, and it will make something sweet for your family to eat." smiling at the happy bear. He thanked Red, and ran off into the woods.

Red checked the bag, the sugar was nearly gone. She was very sad. Soon a little bird saw Red sitting on her bike crying. The bird flew down, and landed on Reds shoulder.

" Why are you crying little girl, are you lost? " The bird sang.

" No! I'm not lost. Buti was suppose to take this sugar to grandmas house," she told the bird, taking what was left of the sugar out of her backpack. She held the bag up to show the bird, and he grabbed the bag in his beak, and flew away quickly.

Red began to cry, "i have no sugar left to take to grandmas house. What shalli do? "

She finally reached grandmas house, and went inside. Her grandma was standing at the sink washing the berries for the pie.

" I have bad news grandma, " she told her in a sad tone. " I gave some sugar to a squirrel. I gave a little to a bear, and a little bird took the rest."

Red stood there waiting for her grandmas reaction. " Grandma did you hear whati just said? " Red asked in a puzzled tone.

Suddenly her grandma turns towards her. Red jumped back frightened.

" Why grandma, what big eyes you have! "

" All the better to see you with, my dear. " Her voice was very hoarse.

" Why grandma, what a big nose you have! " Her grandma walked over closer to her.

" All the better to smell you with, my dear."

Red began to shiver with fear.

" Why grandma, what big teeth you have! " Grandmas teeth were long and sharp.


Later that evening grandma had meat pie for supper. No sugar needed.




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