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Walking With Giants

Short story By: Anonymousdreamer

God made everything! Why do we even ask who created everything.

Submitted:Mar 8, 2012    Reads: 14    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Walking With Giants

By: Anonymous

As I walk down the autumn path behind my house I can't help up butbe overcome with amazement at the beauty of the leaves and the trees. In the spring months they have the colors of Blue, Green and Pink. But as winter slowly turns the corner, the leave's beauty changes. It converts into a hazel red, now my question is this, who told them to change color?

As I walk further down the enchanting pathway I notice that buds of flowers are beginning to break the chains of earth and push their little heads to the sun. Now my question is this, who told them to begin their journey?

Soon I come to the end of the path, I look back seeing everything coming to life, and I wonder, who is calling everything to life? The end of the path fans out into a beautiful meadow! The grass waves gently in the wind and some of the leaves from the path leave their trees and catch the wind.

I hear the lovely sound of the birds singing, and I wonder who gave them their song? With a sigh I lay down in the middle of the meadow. The trees seem like giants when I'm on the ground, the grass looks like a never ending field of beauty and creativity.

As the hours pass the sun slowly makes its journey across the sky. I ask myself, how does it know where to go from day to day? Soon the sun disappeared behind the mountains far away. This depressed me because I still don't know who gave the sun its movement.

Now the sunset is nearly gone, it's grown quite dark. I tried to get up from my nature bed but my arms and legs seemed to be tied to the ground. I lift my head up as much as I can and look over my body. Then a smile conquers my face and I giggle slips out.

Oh my goodness there are fireflies holding my limbs down. Why didn't I see them before? Before I realized what was happening the sky was lit up with the little fireflies. The ones holding me to the ground released their hold on me and flew away to join the dance.

I'm so wonderstruck, they danced with such grace, and they aren't even on a hard surface.

I slowly stand up, the fireflies make a circle around me. I looked up into the sky, and I saw a lovely sight. The stars have finally poked out, making the sky seem more and more mysterious. But it wasn't them that made that sight so amazing; it's what they created that made my little mind understand.

Hundreds of stars, more then I could count banded together and formed one name. Then I realized. The stars made up the word "Savior". Of course, it was right there in front of me! God was the one who brought everything to life! Of course I had known that God created the universe, but for some reason it slipped my mind. God created everything I see around me, the fireflies, the grass, and the trees. He placed the stars In the sky. He is so big, he created it all! What a giant. What a gentle Giant. I walk with him everyday through faith, and he loves me. I'm walking with Giants!


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