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Moon Dragon Zeth

Short story By: aria aiedail

I've recently reread some of my favorite dragon stories like MAgic Hatching, Eragon, and um... I forget the last one already, haha. Plus, Fantasy Writer had a question about dragons so I have decided it's short story time!

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In the dark there is a dripping, it is slow and steady. A rhythmic heatbeat of the Glaessen Caves, it echos loudly through out, being the only sound at night while the creatures sleep. They breathe so slowly it makes no sound, their enourmous lungs filling at a steady rate before silently reversing the flow. No bugs crept along the walls, not bats dared fly through the air, and no animal dared approach the opening. It was the slumber of dragons.

With bodies the size of two carraiges or a small house, they lay in small groups of twosand threes. A pleasent warmth leaking through their impossibly hard scales that muffled the intensity of the dragons' fiery souls. They glowed dimly with light shades of orange and red, cool tones of purple of blue. Only one dragon failed to shine in the darkness of the cave, only one stayed cold as darkness through the night.

Liquid purple eyes opened, reflecting thebodies of his nieghbors that slumbered. Black scales refused to shimmer as he uncurled from a ball, isolated away from the other dragons, alone. Zeth rose with his back arched like a demonic cat, gently and quietly stretching in the night. Reflective eyes flitting from one glowing form to another. If they knew what he did each night, surely he'd be banished from the caves and suffer the cruelty of human hunts.

With the rhythem of the water drip he clicked toward the door, moving as cautiously as possible as his claws tapped against the rocky floor. His tail slowly swayed from side to side for balance, in the dark it looked like a snaking shadow searching for sustanance. A triangular head and rounded shoulders appeared in the light of the sky, a full moon beaming mysteriously in his eyes. Purple turned to green, his scales seemed to change as moonlight hit them, black faded into a marvalous silver that shimmered and glinted like stars.

He raised his head, mouth opening to reveal white fangs that could only be compared to the moon herself. With a long, refreshing sigh he drank the moonlight and shivered as a satisfying pleasure ran through him. It was better than filling an empty stomach or flying through the air at top speed. While the others gained strength from the sun and fire, from the river and rocks, he gained his power from the night sky. He sighed in the curious way dragons do, their bodies deflating into a relaxed slouch, and looked back toward the caves.

All asleep, they were all unknowing to his true nature. A sound like a gently waft of wind could be heard as he slowly unfurled his wings. Silver light of the sky turning into waves that writhed as if passing through water. The started to glow slightly as he held them high above his crested head, each silver spike reflecting the membrane between the fragile bones that kept them aloft, they glowed as they absorbed the moon's natural energies.

A bouyancy overcame Zeth, he felt so light in wieght that one sweep of his luminous wings swept him high into the air. WIth a spectacular trill of dragon laughter he soared straight for the moon that seemed to take up the entire sky. He spiraled and dipped, merrily gliding upwarded on lunar energy. Exaulted Zeth let his wings propel him up further into the sky, trilling shrilling in delight as he felt close enough to touch the moon. He had never had anything of the sort happen to him again.

With a shiver he felt the light that started from his wings and made its way stealthily down his spine charge the batteries of his soul as if for the first time. Since the day he was born he knew something in him was missing! That night as Zeth's wings consumed the moonlight and channeled it to his crest he felt alive for once. With a sudden but nearly inaudible hum the crescent scythe that came from his tail started to dimly glow. That was why existed, that was why he needed to get closer to the moon, and that was his very reason for living.

As his bladed tail faintly glowed and he drifted up into the sky, he heard something. He turned his head as a heavy and enraged beast crashed into him. With an injured roar, Zeth kicked his back legs and the long glowing talons raked the belly of another dragon and broke away. He looped through the air and watched as the other dragon easily recovered, even dragon claws can't break dragon skin. Zeth blinked as he saw who his opponent was the cave leader, a brilliant gold dragon that radiated light even in the night.

A screeching sound that was as course as it was sharp, it was a haunting mixture of a howl of agony and a bellow of wrath. With a daunting blast of light Remen suddenly shot forward and crashed into Zeth's silvery belly. All the air in the moon dragon's lungs came out with a keen and short whine, still, he was not deterred. Teeth crashed against eachother as they fought to protect their necks while aiming for the other's, padded and clawed feet scrabbled to rip the scales off of the opponents body, while they fought violently in the sky they slowly sunk through the air.

Snarls of survival were exchanged, Zeth lost his senses, gone were the questions as to why he was being set upon and replacing it was a savage and bloodthristy opposition to the golden beast. Zeth would conquer the misguided creature, kill it if he had to, drink its blood if it pleased him. Zeth would win, he saw no other way. Then, before either Remen or Zeth could realize, they struck the ground as they fell from the sky.

Remen, the larger of the two, took the blunt of the impact while Zeth wieghed no more than a lion with the moon making him insubstantial. He, Zeth, was close to becoming something spiritul and glorious. Only one decietful sun dragon was in his way. Zeth tucked his wings and rolled away from the flailing Remen, his boxy form eventually standing upright. One wing was broken, the membrane more or less intact except for where the spindly boneshad fractured and sliced through. Zeth waited, a coy and unmeasurable patience overcoming him, and sat on his haunches.

Remen disliked this but stayed frozen in the agressive stand he held, knowing that the longer his enemy soaked the moonlight the sooner the battle would end. Zeth gave the dragon equivilent of a sneer and shot into the sky, a trail of shimmering silver light trainling behind him. Remen watched in agony, to be grounded in such a crucial moment was beyond frustrating! Faster and faster, Zeth zig zagged and looped through the air until he was a shinning blur that left a trail of cold shimmering light. Remen decided to jump.

With a sudden, tight bundling of muscles, Remen crouched low and pushed away from the earth. The leap brought him high into the air but Zeth was to fast for the attempt and spun like lighting and attacked. This time, Remen lashe dout with his tail, a blast of his solar energy coming out in a bright burst of sunshine. Zeth didn't even feel it as he reached his enemy and passed him, one clawed foot held out, a golden figure fell to the ground and never rose again.

A song went up, of course, the death of a leader was horrible. Zeth didn't like the mournful tune because it was the gold they were mourning, he knew very well that if he died, not a single voice would rise in lamentation. Oh, how it irked him.

He hovered in air and looked down to Glaessen Caves and snarled at the crowd of glowing figures. Irrationally he wondered what right the others had to glow so naturally, and attacked. Not by diving into the cogression of dragons but by flicking the schythe at the end of his tail toward them. White and silver light exploded forward, Zeth himself falling through the sky as he realized he used up to much energy in his anger. The world faded to black.


"Don't go near it! I'm telling you," something was speaking, Zeth struggled to open an eye, a dull haze in his purple eyes.

"Shut up!" another voice hissed, Zeth looked in the direction of the sound and was two odd looking creatures. They stood straight up on their back legs and their front ones hung loosely at the animal's sides. After a moment he decided they must be the thing called a human, wretched creatureds that killed dragons. What was it doing there in the dragon's forest?

"Trinica," the first whimpered, Zeth ignored it so he could focus on the one approaching him. Black hair grew down around the creatues waist, waving freely in a slight breeze. Blue eyes met his open purple one.

"It's awake," she cried in astonishment and ran back to the other. Zeth huffed and pulled himself to his feet and immediately he fell back down, he had hurt his left front leg. He attempted the movement again without the injured foreleg and sat on his haunches, testing his wings gently. No use, he couldn't feel the injury but he could feel that his wings were broken. He curled his tail around his legs and stared at the humans curiously, wondering what they would do now that he was almost completely immobilized.

"Trinica!" the taller of the two wailed slightly.

"Shut up," she said again, Trinica, was it? Zeth introduced himself as well.

"Meea loic herrn Zeth," he said in his growling voice that rumbled with every note.

"It said come closer and I'll eat you," the boy interjected, "get away from it!"

"You don't speak dragon!" she shouted at him, for once her eyes turned away form Zeth to scowl at her companion, "Stop being such a wuss!"

"Dragon," Zeth repeated, surprised the humans used their own term for their race.

"Yes," Trinica said, looking up at him in amazement, pointing at him then herself, "dragon, human."

"Trinica," Zeth replied coarsly, tail flicking between the two of them, "Zeth."

"You see," she said over her shoulder, "he was just telling me his name." She smiled at Zeth, not showing her teeth. Zeth waited for it to say somethign again for a long time while she beamed at him. Eventually he became bored and turned around, stopping as his scales passed under a patch of sunlight. His scales were shining in the light of day! Black and shimmering like never before where his scales were as reflective as ashe and charcoal. A low trilling sound of pleasure escaped his lips as he examined his paw in the light. He tilted it to the side and discovered something else.

Their were stars covering him. If he looked closely enough he could see the vast clouds of tiny pinpricks of light swirling around slowly. Zeth turned back to the humans, no longer smiling but curious. Had they done this to him? Was it humans that granted him shimmering scales that looked like he'd spent hours polishing them in the sun. It could not be, but it was what Zeth decided what happened. Slowly with out doing anything but reach his neck forward, Zeth nudged the human girl. She nearly fell over, two legs was hardly enough to balance with, and grabbed his large head for support. She grinned at him, he trilled slightly in amusement.

"Trinica," the boy whined quietly.

"Shut up," she replied, "I have a pet dragon."


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