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My Writing Entry 800 / The Meeting

Short story By: arik Z

THIS IS NOT A FINISHED WORK. THIS IS NOT DONE!!! 1/4ish of what I'm going to do for katelyn8000's contest. There were 4 mages. One had the power to summon fire and was an unsurpassed smith. The second could talk to animals and awaken the trees(Kialandi/Kia). The third was master of the water and the last one could channel the power of the air.

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I sat with my back against an Oak, half asleep. It was rare I aloud myself moments like this, so relaxed, without telling every creature in sight to watch for danger. Now however we were in the middle of the Forest and I had only seen a person in the Forest once in my life. But suddenly a fawn came up to me and nuzzled my shoulder. "Kia, there's a female human coming." I was alert instantly and swarmed up the oak tree, finding holds even a squirrel wouldn't. I watched her come into the clearing. She had on a shirt which looked surprisingly like it was made of metal. Her leggings, too, seemed of the same material. Around her neck was a necklace of great beauty. It was made of silver, with tiny bits of a ruby inlaid within, creating the affect of a fire, leaping and twisting. Then in the center there was a ruby a bit bigger than an acorn with a outline of silver to suggest a fire within the ruby. Suddenly she opened the ruby and I realized that it was a small box so cleverly made that I haven't noticed. The Oak whispered* to me. "Look at all those stones, that must have taken years to do." Indeed, inside the ruby there were maybe 50 tiny stones that somehow all seemed to be big. Each was different, some were the kind of stones rich women fought over, and others were the type which you threw into rivers to watch the splash. All however were the same size and the same shape. Suddenly she touched one of them and a stone from the ground leaped into her palm. I started. "She is a mage**. Are there others near, is it an ambush?" Every single mage I had ever seen had attacked me on seeing the unfinished letters WM burned into my hand. Some had attacked before. Elm whispered* "No others." Suddenly I saw her start and look up. I felt a tendril of power curl toward me, and then attack. I defended against it and then counterattacked, thinking I'd be able to beset her as I had every time a lone mage had attacked me. No such luck. She was stronger than any mage I had ever encountered. Around me leaves and twigs and bits of grass whirled, passing there power to me. Rocks were gathering around her feet seeming to give her power. Exhausted I called the animals to me and they answered, running and flying and swimming toward me, brushing my leg and then walking off. I massed my power but we were dead even. Suddenly I saw a girl floating in the river. She was staying underwater for to long. She was probably drowned. I wanted to help her, or at least give her a decent burial. I spoke loudly "Truce?" The red haired woman replied "Truce."


* any ideas on a beter word for whispered? I mean it to be a sort of mental contact.

**Again, any ideas for a better word? Maybe: Witch, Sorsess(I mispelled that) Magistra, Mag( not intended to rhyme with rag, the a is the noise you make when the dentis says "say aa") or any made up word that seems right.

TO BE CONTINUED...(: Seriously, i'm going to add to this from each mages** perspective.

P.S Some of the tags don't make sense now but they will later.



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